Thailand-based startup, Playbasis, has announced today that it has raised US$1.8 million in their Series A round led by InVent, the VC arm of InTouch holdings. InVent invested a total of US$1,545k alongside Cherubic Ventures and 500 startups.

This brings the total funding that Playbasis has raised to US$2.6 million.

Playbasis aims to use these funds to secure new partnerships and expand into new markets, as well as ramp up their product development and deliver better customer success.

The Ardent Capital-backed company Playbasis provides gamification and engagement automation services for businesses.

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Adrian Vanzyl, CEO of Ardent Capital, said “Playbasis’ Series A is an important milestone for both Southeast Asia and Thailand’s startup ecosystems. It shows that enterprise focused businesses with real IP are alive and well, and able to grow rapidly. Ardent was the first investor to back Playbasis, and this substantial round is great validation for both Rob [Robert Zepeda, Playbasis Founder & CEO] and other aspiring entrepreneurs in this sector.”

Disclaimer: Ardent Capital is an investor in e27’s parent company Optimatic.