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Thailand-based fashion e-commerce website Pomelo Fashion announced last week that it has officially launched in Singapore.

For background, the online-only brand was first launched in Thailand a year ago with a focus on Korea-designed and -manufactured clothing.

According to David Jou, Co-founder and CEO, Pomelo Fashion, the Singapore page has generated nearly 10,000 registered members to date. Going forward, the team expects to see 10 times growth in Singapore by March 2015 as it kicks off marketing efforts in the city-state.

In this month alone, nearly 15 per cent of all orders and traffic were from Singapore. Overall, Pomelo has about 180,000 monthly visitors and just under a million page views per month.

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“We believe Singapore shoppers are always willing and ready to try something new when it comes to online fashion, especially since they don’t have as many shopping options as Thais,” said Jou. He told e27, “They are already very much accustomed to shopping online and this helps a lot with getting early adoption of your product.”

The two countries are also relatively different in terms of sartorial preferences. “From a fashion perspective,” he said, “Singapore style is more sleek, sophisticated and more geared toward a professional look on the weekdays, a casual look on the weekends and a sexy look in the evening.” Thailand, however, is home to an experimental crowd: “Lots of people (are) willing to mix and match different styles for different occasions.”

He further added, “Street style and fashion blogging is growing in both markets.”

Pomelo is looking to expand into Malaysia by early 2015. It will also soon announce funding updates, given that it closed a round last week.

Another website that is more established and rather similar is Ministry of Retail, which started in 2009 with a focus on Korea-style fashion as well.