Whether we’re dealing with creative pursuits like filmmaking or building companies from scratch, the one thread that weaves important products together is a good story. If you really think about it, the most successful companies have thoughtful narratives behind them. They are often more than just giant institutions trying to sell things; instead, they are ideas beautifully conjured by actual human lives with actual human experiences.

After years of being in the industry, this is what we learned: if you are a business that has a vision, one that resonates with audiences, you are more likely to engage people. We have come to realise that the best way to do that is through storytelling. Stories throb at the core of human experiences, helping create something organic and real out of all the glossy technological advances, and ultimately humanising your brand.

In today’s modern world, people don’t just want machine efficiency alone but human engagement as well. Mixing these two ingredients make for a formidable brand that doesn’t just dazzle, but also rattles at the soul.

Our brains are wired to appreciate stories

It’s Science — the part of our brain where our thoughts and actions originate is weak in statistical reasoning. We can bombard our brains with all the data that we can get our hands on but if that data is not shaped in a cause-and-effect format, the brain will ultimately find it difficult to process, or find it “uninteresting” to say the least.

Packaging your data into stories help shape information into a format that the brain can easily identify and process. Only when this is achieved can real, meaningful insight be drawn from piles upon piles of hard information that otherwise provide no real purpose other than to simply fill spaces in a spreadsheet for the occasional clerical checking.

It is for this reason that e27 commits itself to tell stories: we aim not just to bridge the gap between information that simply exists and a world that revolves obliviously around it. More than that, we aim to weave that information into human experiences that have a real impact on the lives of those who come into contact with it.

Through e27’s plethora of services, these stories are not only told, but rendered into physical, palatable content that invites engagement from the very community it seeks to transform and empower.

Whether we’re opening the world’s eyes to the stories of small to medium-size manufacturers banding together to revolutionise the manufacturing capabilities of Japan, or how a team in Singapore is bringing on-demand household services to the rest of the region one doorstep at a time, we make sure that these realities resonate to an audience that is eager to listen.

We believe that the tech startup ecosystem we have indefinitely involved ourselves in is one that is hungry for meaningful connections—and what better way to build those connections than find common human insights in the different stories we all have?

Why stories matter

When introducing something — an idea, a product, an innovation, or an amalgamation of the three — we tend to get straight to the technical aspect of things and generally assume that our audiences can make pragmatic decisions out of them. In reality, emotions also play a huge role in decision-making, and probably in ways bigger than we think.

This is because ultimately, stories help stimulate emotional responses. When you engage your audience in a story, you stir an emotional response from them which helps direct if and how they engage with your brand.

Building a brand is all about being able to engage the right audience and make sure that they are interested enough to explore possibilities with your brand. With e27’s content services, we seek to unpack and critically exhaust these narratives until we come up with a material that can find its place in the hands of the right people.

We are more than just a community of tech nerds and business-savvy people. We are a community of hungry, driven people who are out to leave an important mark in this world one way or another. Every day, we have members of the community revolutionise some fundamental part of human life like trading, or mobility, or transport—the list goes on!

We believe that in each one of these pursuits lies a narrative that deserves a platform. By shedding light on these stories, we don’t only invite people to engage your brand, but we also empower and embolden young members of the community to see that to have a vision as mountainous as yours isn’t impossible to achieve.

A story told well drives action

At the end of the day, it’s not just a matter of telling stories but a matter of telling those stories well. Stories trigger actions by giving the audience a purpose. When you encounter content that deals with a new innovation, you are inclined to experience that innovation yourself. At its core, we think this is the best way for brands to engage their audiences.

As such, stories need to be told judiciously and generously. You cannot simply announce an innovation and expect that world to come knocking at your doorstep. You need to explain that innovation in ways that make it both relatable and necessary. Good storytelling is the secret to achieving that: when you are able to spur human interest by providing what is most human, and therefore, what is most real.

This belief is what has long galvanised the e27 brand. By telling other people’s stories, we get to tell our own. Only in being the bridge that binds our community together do we ultimately get to define ourselves and our role in a larger, broader world. We need your help to achieve that.

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