Six deep tech startups from Singapore have been named as winners of the “Win the Future” Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs (Singapore) 2019 by Nanyang High-Tech Innovation Center (NTUIC) and Techsumption Ventures at Cospace Park last weekend.

The startups are:

NDR Medical
The first prize winner is a robotics system with AI & Image Processing for automated lesion targeting.

Osteopore International Pte Ltd
The startup is a medical device manufacturer of biomimetic and bioresorbable devices that empower natural tissue regeneration. It shares the second prize winner title with VRcollab.

VRCollab aims to take modeling to the next level by enabling architects, engineers, planners, and consultants to collaborate seamlessly on construction projects.

MDE Solutions
The startup described itself as the “future pioneer of the marine intelligence ecosystem.” It shares the third prize winner title with AutoSENS and XYConnect.

AutoSENS Pte Ltd
The startup aims to build easy-to-apply hydrophobic and advanced nano-coatings that form an “ultra-strong” bond with a multitude of surfaces.

The startup builds 5G-cell-embedded smart streetlight with the aim to make the lowest cost 5G deployment and smart city operations.

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The six startups are set to participate in the Suzhou International Elite Venture Week in July and compete for a cash prize and market expansion opportunities in China through Suzhou.

NTUIC and Techsumption Ventures will also be accelerating selected startups which have decided to expand to China.

The competition said it had received close to 100 applications in just 10 days from countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Germany and France.

The applicants were then shortlisted to 10 startups to pitch at the main event, which offered a total cash prize pool of RMB100,000 (US$14,400) for the Singapore leg.

The startups were assessed based on five key metrics such as their market opportunity, innovative nature of their solutions, business model, the team, and their relevance to China.

NTUIC is a tech innovation organisation and service platform that spun from the Nanyang Technological University (Nanyang Technological University – NTUitive PTE LTD) in Suzhou.

Techsumption Ventures is a venture acceleration lab focussed on driving market validated technologies and products to Asia Pacific.

For this event, Techsumption Ventures also partnered with community partners such as CoSpace Park, TRIVE, LongHash, Silver Stone, CHGG, she1K, FESO ASIA, Jumpstart Media, and PINC 360.

Image Credit: Techsumption Ventures