As it is widely known, the agriculture sector plays a crucial role in the Philippine economy. According to data by FAO, the sector involves about 40 per cent of Filipino workers, as it contributes to an average of 20 per cent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

However, the report also pointed out that in the last two decades, the sector has been pacing several challenges that include a decrease in productivity and high production costs.

Just like in Singapore and Indonesia, startups in the Philippines are also looking for ways to innovate in the sector. The services that they offer range from building a crowdfunding platform to help farmers fund their harvest, to creating an IoT platform that can directly help to improve yield.

The following is a list of agritech startups in the Philippines as taken from the e27 startup database.

While our data does not record the funding rounds that these startups have completed, it can give us a big picture of what is going on the field. Pun intended.

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CloudFarm Innovations

CloudFarm Innovations, Inc is an agritech startup that builds sustainable farm solutions using IoT and big data analytics. It aims to help farmers maximise crop yields and improve food security in the region.

Their first product is a Heat Stress Analyzer, an IOT farming technology that protects agricultural crops against Crop Heat Stress. The platform also provides data analysis for improved harvest.


Cropital is a crowdfunding platform that aims to help farmers raise funds to support their harvest.

Founder and CTO Rachel De Villa was featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2016 for the Finance & Venture Capital category.


Founded in 2018, DELTHA (Decentralized Ecosystem for Long-term Transformation via Human Action) is a social impact startup supporting sustainable agriculture innovations using blockchain technology, particularly Ethereum.

Each member in the DELTHA communities will be given digital identities and be trained about entrepreneurship by the startup and our key partners.

The company has a special focus on the country’s rural areas.

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e-Magsasaka is an agri-trading company that aims to shorten the fresh fruits and vegetable supply chain by forecasting the harvest of farmers on a weekly basis and marketing their product prior to picking.

The company is currently working with farmer groups to test out the prototype of its offline platform.


Just like Cropital, is a crowdfunding platform for users to help farmers with their financial needs, while gaining rewards for their contributions at the same time.

The platform was developed by Manila-based web publishing company Sproads. owns 96 hectares of farmland property that is managed by its partners and local farmers in Isabela and Quirino Province. is an agribusiness e-commerce platform that aims to connect businesses to farmers directly through direct bulk transactions and contract farming. The name Tagani itself means “harvest time” in Tagalog.

Founded in August 2018, the startup had also qualified for TOP100 at Echelon Asia Summit 2019 in Singapore.

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Image Credit: Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash