India-slash-US-based company MyGola, known for its trip planner app and website, will be taking a step forward with a new concept that claims to meticulously plan your day with the data it gets.

Closing times for places, admission fees to various sight-seeing places, the average amount to be spent at a food place: the app can plan out a perfect day for you and whoever you choose to be with.

Aptly enough, this MyGola’s app is called: Perfect Day. And it’s getting launched in Singapore first.

Not just another calendar app
Here’s how Perfect Day app works: Users need to just specify the day, the starting point and the length of their ‘perfect day’, and the app will search for hand-curated things to do from sightseeing to nightlife activities.

What makes MyGola’s latest stand out from an electronic day planner? According to Co-founder Prateek Sharma, it’s how the app deals with content.

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MyGola has a curation team that looks at the content all over the web and find out what interesting events and things should surface on the app. While the app won’t show you all of the nightlife spots available, it will display the top 10 that’s available at the time scheduled for your day.

If you can’t decide where to specifically go in Singapore, MyGola’s app can solve that automatically. After you set the time and your preferences, Perfect Day takes the aforementioned content and online information and matches it to your request. You can then arrange it and make changes. The app even plans out the best routes to go to your destination(s).

Sharma, who knows the pain-points of travel planning, created the app along with his team. “People love travelling, but the effort needed before they even start can turn them off,” he noted.

According to him, travel market is a great place to be in with regards the products that can do smart travel planning with a few swipes and presses. “(Right now), there’s no real product that solves that problem and content that’s all over the place. They use Google and TripAdvisor for suggestions and reviews, but there’s no real app that puts and arranges everything together (in a smart way).”

Why Singapore first?
Sharma feels Singapore is an ideal spot for launching Perfect Day first, simply because of its status of being a great tourist city. “Singapore is a great international city with a huge amount of inbound and business travellers,” he said. The country, he believes, has an interesting segment for the team to tap into with the app, as most business travellers lack time to plan for leisure after their long meetings. “Once they’re done, they have the weekend to themselves but no idea what to do with it,” he added.

The app is best used by people from age 25 to 40 who travel frequently to Singapore, according to MyGola’s experience.

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Sharma believes that Singapore is conveniently accessible for the team from India. “Most of our operations are in India. We wanted to be in a position (close to an ideal location like Singapore) so that we can tweak how the app works in the target country.” It also helps that the team are fans of Singapore. “It’s a fantastic city with lots of stuff to do,” said Sharma. “It’s got amazing public transport, easy access to good quality data, food, and other tourist activities.”

MyGola will announce its business and app partners soon, though it wouldn’t be surprising if they are travel booking aggregates and services, as well as prominent hotels and restaurant owners. While the app is ideal for tourists who want a quick getaway in Singapore without the hassle of scheduling, it also seems fit for the locals who want to do something other than the “meet up at the cinema-slash-coffee shop and play it by ear” routine they’re accustomed to.