The Gionee M6 Plus

The Gionee M6 Plus

Chinese mobile phone maker Gionee has announced the launch of two new smartphones, the Gionee M6 and M6 Plus.

On first impression, one may brush them off as another run-of-the-mill series of Chinese smartphones that have flooded the market, which includes the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei and OnePlus. The M6 features include a 5.5inch Full HD AMOLED, 2.5D curved screen, while the M6 Plus sports a 6 inch screen. The former also has a 13MP rear view camera, while the latter’s 18MP — nothing groundbreaking.

But the devil is in the details and both smartphones offer two unique attributes that may put them a cut above the rest.

First, the M6 and M6 Plus are heavily invested in robust security hardware. Both phones are embedded with an encrypted chip — which the company likens to a black box — ensuring all contacts, phone calls, photos, documents and call data are secure from third party intrusions.

Each chip comes with a unique ID that is linked to the phone’s CPU so hackers would not be able to crack the phone’s security by cloning the chip. The hardware encryption is irreversible so no brute force password attacks will prevail. In addition, physically breaking the chip would merely result in the encrypted files coming out as gibberish.

The encrypted chip includes a random number generator which generates a unique encrypted random key for each phone call, ensuring high transport security during each session — and prevent eavesdropping. In addition, the security framework blocks malicious third party apps from recording or switching on the phone’s camera during the call.

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Other security functions include a payment protection function which automatically authenticates genuine financial apps, scans the payment environment and alerts users of potential risks all in real time during the payment process. It also encrypts payment verification codes to prevent malicious third party apps from stealing information.

For those with a tendency to lend out your phones, the hardware encryption also offers additional protection on the app level. Each app can be locked with a password which can be also unlocked via fingerprint verification.

Don’t want to be stalked by that pesky ex? You can also manually switch your location using the virtual location function.

Long battery life and fast charging

The M6 sports a 5,000 mAh battery while the M6 plus has a 6,020 mAh battery. The batteries of both phones far outstrip leading flagship phones such as the iPhone 6S plus (2,750 mAh) and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (3,600 mAh) in terms of capacity.

Gionee claims the M6 can run for 55 hours in continuous call time or 794 hours in stand-by time on a single charge. Despite the huge battery power, both phones are housed in a slim casing that is just 8.2mm thick. And, the M6 weighs a mere 180g while the M6 plus weighs slightly more at 210G.

Besides long battery lives, both phones offer fast charging. The M6 purportedly takes only about two hours for a full charge. In addition, it features an intelligent dual charging chip design where two sets of charging chips on the same charger will automatically be adjusted to prevent overheating.

The battery also has one trick in the bag very few people would have even dreamed about: reverse charging. Essentially, the M6 and M6 plus can turned into power banks to charge other electronic devices.

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When it comes to running applications, users can opt to run two at once using a split screen because both phones come with an ample 4 GB of ram . So, for those who always wanted to watch videos and chat at the same time, this phone should be on your shopping list.

The M6 will sell for RMB2,699 (US$404) for the 64 GB version and RMB2,899 (US$434) for the 128 GB version. The M6 plus will be priced at RMB2,999 (US$450) for the 64 GB version and RMB3,199 (US$480) for the 128 GB version.

It should be noted that all versions of the phones have upgradeable internal memory storage, so users can still choose to upgrade up to 128 GB even if they have the 64 GB phone.

Image Credit: Gionee