Getting sufficient and quality sleep is a problem in our modern, fast-paced, workaholic society. There are numerous business trips, late night emails and calls to attend to, and Facebook surfing on the smartphone while in bed; it’s no wonder so many Singaporeans are sleep-deprived.

Hong Kong- and France-based startup Kello — a product of Hong Kong-based IoT accelerator Brinc — wants to tackle this problem by changing people’s sleeping habits; it has built an app and a smart device that, it claims, will allow users to sleep less, wake up earlier and even be cured of jet lag.

Kello trains people to anticipate sleep and tune their bodies to a natural bedtime routine.

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For example, activating the “Deep Sleep” feature enables Kello to emit a gentle pulsing light that mimics a rhythmic natural breathing pattern. By adjusting breathing patterns to match the pulse’s rhythms, users can fall into slumberland easier.

It can also prompt users when it’s bedtime by changing its display to one that depicts a night sky filled with stars.

Training to wake up earlier

Driven by work and other commitments, people in modern societies, inadvertently, turn into night owls.

Many need an extra incentive or an extra push to crawl out of bed so they don’t have to rush for a cab just to get to work on time.

Kello, therefore, enables integration with popular music streaming services Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer so that users can hear their favourite tracks when it is time to arise.

It allows users to set limits on hitting the snooze button and create actions once the limit is reached. For example, the alarm might ring louder; it may switch on lights automatically (when paired with a compatible smart device); or it may switch to a different music playlist.

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For users who want to transition to become early-morning risers, Kello can programme a sleep schedule that gradually trims a few minutes off their waking time. By the end of it, users can expect to wake up as early as one hour before their usual waking time.

Frequent travellers flying across different time zones can also use Kello to minimise jet lag: by inputting the destination and travel dates, Kello will automatically devise a custom light and sleep schedule so that users can adjust to sleeping in the new time zones quickly.

Kello is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter at a discounted price of US$89.

Image Credit: Kello