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Indonesian writers Maisie Junardy and Donna Widjajanto are set to publish their novel Man’s Defender in March 2017. But what makes this publication is different is that the printed version of the book is going to be released together with a VR app that users can enjoy through their mobile devices.

Set in various locations across the globe, the novel will focus on the journey of an Indonesian-Italian leading character named Alex Rosetti. He experienced changes in his life when he got involved with an organisation called Culture-Art Application and Simulation Interface (CAASI) and befriended an ‘avatar’ girl named Viska.

“Readers will get to see various unique locations around the world that Alex and Viska has visited, and directly experienced the action sequences in the book through their VR goggles,” explained Junardy, as reported by several local media outlets.

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Image Credit: Scoop

Image Credit: Scoop

To release the VR app, the writers are teaming up with Jakarta-based digital agency Bilcom.

Readers will need VR goggles with a gyroscope sensor to enjoy the VR feature, though the features also work with much simpler headsets such as Google Cardboard.

Published in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, Man’s Defender will be the first series in a trilogy. The e-book version is already available on digital newsstand Scoop.

As VR products get more popular in Asian market, investors are starting to put more focus into producing quality content, apart from the hardware itself.

“VR hardware investment is overheated,” says Junhan Ahn, COO of Beijing-based VR content platform 87870, as quoted by Technode.

“Investors are moving fast towards VR content investment. In China, there are about 3,000 offline VR arcades, and they need more quality content.”


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