This is the world's dumbest app and it has raised US$1205 on Kickstarter!

Called LookFor, this app allows users to flash a particular colour via their phones to stand out in a crowd so that their friends can easily find them

By Jonathan Toyad

For every Kickstarter project that focuses on the betterment of everyday life and technology, along come a few products of a dubious nature. One may think that this recent discovery about an app that flashes basic colors may be categorised as the latter, but hear us out.

Retroproof Media started a crowdfunded project for an app called LookFor which makes finding people at concerts and big events easier. Dubbed the “world’s dumbest app”, it’s meant to be a way to easily find friends: users ask their friends to ‘LookFor’ a colour. They open the app, pick that colour (or any other basic color that’s flashing below) and hold up their phone as it blinks that colour.


It also brags about not requiring GPS, data connection and wireless signal, but only because it’s an app that doesn’t need to. While not the most technically-advanced app ever, it definitely has its uses whether you’re in busy areas or just getting a cab driver’s attention.  Right now, the Kickstarter page is at US$1,205 and has already surpassed its goal of US$1,000, with 28 days left.

Those who back the project will get a beta copy of LookFor. Anyone who pledges higher than US$5 will get an analog version, which is essentially a card with a colour of the backer’s choice. Pledge US$15 and you’ll get a LookFor beanie with the colour of your choice.


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We have to admit that the page at least is honest with its intention. LookFor creator Logan Riley said that the app was coded using self-taught knowledge and tools like and The campaign funds are meant to evolve LookApp into something better-looking that it is right now, with possible features such as iBeacons, in-app SMS, and others.

If you’re interested, the app works on iOS, Android, Windows phones and Blackberry’s OS.

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