Guardian Device

Nearly 8 million children get lost every year. The shocking statistic inspired Taiwanese startup, Beluvv,  to create Guardian, a small wearable device that is able to track a child’s movements. Most notably, the device is paired up with a smartphone app using Bluetooth and utilizes the network of users to help each other find a child when the child goes out of the parent’s pre-set radar.

For example, when another child that is wearing the Guardian device comes into my Bluetooth radar, Guardian’s cloud server would activate a global search immediately. When the lost child comes into my Bluetooth radar, not only would I get notified, the parent of the lost child would also get notified of my location. This makes everyone almost like a Guardian angel.

Using the Bluetooth energy (BLE) technology, this device also has the advantage of being smaller, lighter and consumes much less power than GPS devices.

The device and app is ready for orders but would not be shipped till the end of November. Although Beluvv didn’t reveal the number of order estimates, nevertheless it is expecting to sell at least 16 million pieces at its initial launch. With each device priced at $29.95 each, the project is self-funded.

The startup has also taken a social stance right at the beginning and has created a programme called Give One Love that aims to stamp out the problems of missing children. Beluvv would give one free Guardian device to families in need whenever someone makes a double purchase of the device.

With the product pricing and the estimated sales numbers, it is no wonder why the Beluvv Team has no need for a funding yet. However, will the project be able to take on subsequent stages of startup fundings?

The product seems to be riding on trends such as the matured Bluetooth technology and also wearable devices. Over the past year, we have seen products such as Samsung Smart watch, Fitbit, Google Glass, Nike FuelBand, Jawbone Up hit the markets. Other great child and pet tracking products such as Filip, Tagg, Whistle, Tile are also currently in the market already.

With wearable technology revenue due to hit $18 billion by the end of 2018, people would definitely be hitting up some wearable tech gear soon. While we think that the product is great and we are excited for its launch, what we are more excited about is the potential growth of the product, and its possible entrance into larger markets such as China. One thing is for sure, we will definitely be on the look out for that.