There is a new photo sharing app in Singapore, and its name is Petfie. Launched yesterday on the iOS App Store, the platform allows animal lovers to post photos of pets and strays in the city-state.

But it’s more than just an Instagram channel for animals, said Jerome Chan, Co-founder, Petfie.

For instance, through Petfie’s location feature, animal lovers can discover more about the animal-related organisations and animals in the vicinity. One example would be the company’s collaboration with Cat Welfare Society (CWS), which allows users to create profiles for unsterilised cats and tag the photos with the ‘Sterilisation Needed’ status. Knowing the location of these unsterilised cats, CWS will reach out to members of the public and Petfie users to involve them in bringing these cats to various participating vets for sterilisation.

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According to an official statement, a version for web and Android will be made available later in the year. However, Chan noted that the upcoming versions will hinge on the company’s ability to fundraise for the projects. At the moment, Petfie has not received a single cent in terms of external funding.