The phone rings and a prick of fear runs down your spine as you hear, “Things are not working out between us. I think we should break up.” The entire world comes crashing down after hearing these words and all you want to do is either trash talk your ex over drinks or spend weeks crying over it.

When immersing your grief in an ice-cream tub or venting out your anger by hitting the gym can’t make you forget your love, try out these heart cobblers. Breakuphelpline is a team of seasoned breakup experts whose hook up skills can put the Tony Starks and Charlie Harpers to shame. They offer unbiased opinions on the shortfalls of a failed relation, help in bouncing back and guide you into never making wrong choices in future.

Ankit Anubhav, Founder Cobbler, Breakuphelpline

Ankit Anubhav, Founder Cobbler, Breakuphelpline

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions and a personal breakup taught me that this is something which should be there as breakups are always bad, ” said Ankit Anubhav, who likes to be called as the the ‘founder cobbler’.

Anubhav came across a book titled Chocolate, Guitar, Momos by Kenny Deori in which the protagonist felt miserable after his girlfriend dumped him. He wished for a ‘breakup helpline’, which could have kept him away from alcohol. “This led to the idea of When the blog site was put up, it saw numerous registrations which included ones from abroad. So I roped in a few psychology friends and mapped out how we can help people,” shared Anubhav.

The journey from 2012 has been a roller coaster ride for the modern day agony aunts. What started out to be a modest blog site is now helping people from all industries. While IT sector tops the list, some popular Bollywood celebrities have also had their hearts mended from them. The service is available across India and a few locations internationally.

Getting over your past love
Based on the Breakuphelpline’s research, it has been found out that people need only a month to move on from a bad relationship provided they are absolutely committed to the tricks prescribed. “Our counselors take ‘broken hearts’ through different phases (denial, anger, negotiation, guilt and acceptance) of a breakup and help them move on. They connect with the clients via email, Whatsapp, Skype, personal meetings and phone calls. Clients can opt for various packages that suit them by registering with us,” Anubhav said.

The service is available  24/7.  “Call us over your breakfast, supper or dinner, we are always ready to help you. From frown to smile, we will be the irreplaceable catalyst and help you dealing with a breakup,” he added.

If that bloody teddy he gave or that darn wallet she gifted reminds you of their sick faces again and again, one can pack the junk and courier them to Breakuphelpline. “We make sure they suffer a lightless, loveless death in our hands,” he said.

Anubhav claims that it gets to over 400 queries a month including emails, Whatsapp or Facebook. 32 per cent of these queries are from women and girls in the age group of 18-34 yrs from tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India.

Where is the moolah?
The startup has two packages, one free and the other paid. “If you mail us, we respond to your emails within 24 hours and it is absolutely free. While if you wish to speak to our counselors personally, then it’s a part of the paid service with various packages,” he said. The startup has not received any funding till date.

“It purely relies on social media and word-of-mouth for creating awareness. While we are looking for funding, once it comes in, we will be more aggressive on the marketing to increase our overall market share,” Anubhav said.

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The following are the services the startup offers:

Whatsapp Shot: Sometimes it’s difficult to open up on the phone or in meetings. But people are quite comfortable when it comes to texting on Whatsapp. So with this feature one can text and the heart cobblers reply to messages 24 by 7. It is valid for 15 days at a price of US$24.

Breakup Kit: “Get the Breakup Kit and we provide you with unlimited support for a month. You can speak to us, Whatsapp us, meet us and we do everything we can to get you back on track,” Anubhav explained.  The kit is valid for a month at a price of US$80. This is the most popular service offered by the startup as people are ready to spend money and time to get over a breakup.

Doctor on Demand: With pre-marital sex many questions arise, like when to pop an emergency contraceptive, or how to deal with delayed periods. Finding these answers on Google may be not be satisfactory. “So we present our in-house doctor (gynecologist) who gives you all the medical advice you require. We don’t reveal your identity while asking questions and she is ready to help you over Whatsapp, mails or voice calls,” he said. The service is chargeable at US$16 per consultation.

Breakup Insurance: People have insurances for broken houses, broken body parts, broken cars, so why not have insurance for a broken heart? According to Anubhav, we are humans, we fight, have ego clashes, and differences. It is then we wonder is such a relation really worth it? “It is a huge dilemma because you want to stay back with your beloved and at the same time you want to kick their ass. So you make some unreasonable choices which might finally break your heart. It is at this time we can help you be reasonable by giving multiple viewpoints,” he added. The service is valid for seven days at US$16.

Divorce Blues:  Life comes to a standstill after divorce with mental trauma and insecurities lurking in the corners. It is at this stage when these heart cobblers come to play. This is valid for a month at a cost of US$161.

Breakup Quotient: It is also an interactive way of engaging with people. It reads the sun signs and predicts how much one is likely to breakup.  The lesser the breakup quotient, the better it is.

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Axe your ex with these apps
The Breakuphelpline app available on Google Play is called Ex the Ex, which is an ex blocker that keeps the ex away from your digital life. “It pesters you to block your ex as soon as possible and doesn’t let you drunk dial them nor can they call you in,” he explained. There are similar apps in the West such as Drunk Mode, KillSwitch, Ex Lover Blocker and websites such as Never Liked It Anyway, which is a marketplace and community to get rid of those gifts from an ex and to share breakup stories.

Connecting Hearts has proved to be a fertile ground for Indian entrepreneurs also with numerous apps such as Thrill, Woo, DesiCrush, Truly Madly and others attracting the attention of the Indian youth. However, the only competitor for Breakuphelpline is the counselor sitting offline.

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People refraining from sharing personal problems is challenging
There are several challenges faced by the startup such as finding the right set of people who are willing to work. “We are not a physical product, we are a service and people are skeptical to sign up for something like this. Most people still feel it’s not good to share their problems with anyone and keep it inside them,” he stated.

“In the past two years we have met a lot of VCs but most of them treat us like a normal company and try to judge us on some set parameters. This hurts our chances as it’s not fair to compare and apples with oranges and calculate the ROI,” he concluded.

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