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Hong Kong-based fitness friend finder startup Jaha has launched in Hong Kong today, as part of a larger push into greater China.

Jaha is a location-based fitness friend finder, which connects users with common fitness goals and helps them schedule fitness dates.

The startup first rolled out the iOS app in the US, and has plans to launch in Singapore, Taipei, and mainland China by the end of the year.

“We launched the app in the States in June and we got good feedback, so we are continuing on with Hong Kong now,” said Gary So, Co-founder, Jaha, in conversation with e27.

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“Even from the couple [of] years I’ve been in Hong Kong, I’ve seen a growing interest in exercise classes surfacing in the city. People are definitely interested in working out, why do it alone?” said So.

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Along with his other Co-founder Patrick Tang, the duo started the company after seeing the great growth opportunities that lie untouched in the Asian fitness market.

To capture market share in Asia, Jaha has secured US$1 million in an investment round from GSR Ventures based in Beijing, China.

According to So, Jaha views other new players in the market, like class apps that grant unlimited access to studios KFit and GuavaPass, as potential partners.

“We are just connecting people at the moment, as we are a friend finding base. But we have plans to add events in the future, so people can directly join activities,” said So.

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Similar to dating apps, users can create a profile with a bio, photographs, and personal interests. They can also connect with other app users who are in their area through a Tinder-style swipe feature. From there, if matched, users can schedule friendly fitness competitions or simply share workout tips with others. Search parameters include distance, age range and gender.

Jaha also serves as a safe alternative to exercising alone, with a Facebook login option to add an extra layer of security.