Startup Program

Startup accelerator and early-stage seed fund in India for Internet and mobile technology startups, TLabs has announced its sixth batch, which kicked-off earlier in September.

TLabs will be conducting a four-month mentoring programme for five promising startups that provide unique solutions across a variety of markets, stated an official release.

With the current batch, TLabs has raised the valuation of each startup that it accepts in the programme to US$2,42,589 (INR 1.5 crore) from US$1,61,902 (INR 1 crore). It will invest US$19,407 (INR 12 lakh) in each startup; the earlier investment was US$16,190 (INR 10 lakh).

“The journey has been very exciting as each idea is unique and prominent in its respective target market,” said Abhishek Gupta, Head, TLabs. According to him, this change was necessary keeping in mind the rising operational costs for startups and market dynamics.

With this batch, TLabs takes its portfolio count to 36 startups. It has also opened applications for its next batch.

Here’s a brief introduction to startups that constitute Fall 2014 batch of TLabs:

VidoolyAn intelligent YouTube marketing and analytics suite for content creators, brands and MCNs, Vidooly helps grow their channel, build audience base and earn more revenue organically.

WibeThe startup re-imagines the web where users can watch videos relevant to the content they are reading on any website. Wibe is currently offered as a browser extension compatible with all popular websites such as Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, etc.

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NeuronNeuron is a Big Data tool that examines a brand’s social presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest), picks up users who are interested in its products and then calculates which users might become its customers.

FlynxFlynx is a floating browser for Android that makes multitasking easy while browsing the web on mobile. It doesn’t obstruct the current workflow; it loads the web pages in background while the user can do something else rather than waiting for the pages to load.

Mobapper: The startup helps web-publishers optimise their website for mobile experience by creating native mobile apps. It can create native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry without any coding. It show ads in the app and monetises content using admob.

Image Credits: Rawpixel/ Shutterstock