ThoughtBuzz, a social media analytics company in India and Southeast Asia today announced via EFY Times that it has been acquired by TO THE NEW, an India-based digital services network.

Puneet Johar, managing director at TO THE NEW, said that they have “drawn up plans to invest and scale-up ThoughtBuzz”. This will also see TO THE NEW integrating ThoughtBuzz’s social media services into their digital services portfolio. He added:

“The acquisition of ThoughtBuzz will bring an industry level focus to our services and base them on key consumer and competitive insights.”

With this undisclosed acquisition set in place, Ashok Patro, co-founder and COO of ThoughtBuzz shared that this will see “more innovative” and smarter “digital solutions to meet end-to-end needs of the customers and clients”.

In July, TO THE NEW made its first acquisition this year with a Singapore-based digital media agency, Techsailor. The India-based company also announced their plans to invest US$10 million over the next two years to aid future growth in Southeast Asia.

We covered ThoughtBuzz all the way when it launched back in 2009 where people said that social media is just a bubble.Now, its clients include Toyota, Air Asia, Raffles Hotels, 3M and Edelman.

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