Indonesian e-Commerce platform Tokopedia announced that it has acquired both BrideStory and ParentStory, the former being wedding directory platform and the latter a children activity marketplace.

“Tokopedia’s mission has been about helping offline businesses thrives. We’ve been looking at wedding vendors, and discussing with both BrideStory and ParentStory up until the acquisition decision,” said William Tanuwijaya, CEO of Tokopedia.

With the acquisition, Kevin Mintaraga, a Co-founder of BrideStory, will join Tokopedia’s management as one of the Vice Presidents.

e27 has reached out to Mintaraga for comment.

Tanuwijaya emphasised that there will be no changes in BrideStory’s and ParentStory’s business model, as Tokopedia will not meddle with either’s operations. BrideStory will still be focussed on improving its wedding directory products, thus providing a full-fledged ecosystem.

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“We’re still figuring out how best to integrate the products for vendors and Tokopedia. We certainly can provide the service of BrideStory in Tokopedia, or it could be something else,” said Tanuwijaya.