It looks like Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is ready to spread his annoyingly simple yet insanely addictive wings again, this time with a new game called Swing Copters. To be released this week, Swing Copters is extremely similar to Flappy Bird, with a main character – a copter with a propelled helmet – that flies and dodges obstacles to gain points.

Flappy Bird has been the most discussed app of 2014 because it was downloaded more than 50 million times and then pulled off the market by the creator himself. In an unprecedented move, Vietnam-based Nguyen claimed the app had “ruined my simple life,” and took it off the online store in February. This only made users that much more hungry for Flappy Bird, and in March, approximately one third of new apps on Apple’s iOS store were clones of the infamous game.

To celebrate the most unusual extremes of the app universe, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite, weirdest app crazes.

Pimple Popper
Who knew so many people loved popping pimples? If the self-explanatory game Pimple Popper’s downloads on Apple and Google Play Stores are any indication, the answer is at least 10 million! Guess there are a lot of frustrated folks who are letting out their pimple popping desires through the safety of an application.

The app has tons of horrified reviews (shocking), but of course, one should take the game with a grain of salt. The description is simply hilarious: “our app is so full of ooey, gooey goodness … We always say – once you pop, you can’t stop!”

We just ask that you “stop” before getting to our faces, which of course, have no pimples whatsoever…

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Watching Cute Girl
Leave it to the Japanese to come up with this super creepy Watching Cute Girl, hinting at human contact app. The iPhone app is literally just a cute girl staring at you – and talking to you, and giving you a virtual hug from time to time. It’s meant to make you feel less lonely, though we imagine that this app would eventually create the opposite effect once you’ve realized you’re trying to create a relationship with your phone a la the movie Her.

Just remember that if you were on a desert island and could only bring your phone, this app would not last.

Angry Jew
Angry Jew has successfully straddled the fine line between awesome and offensive, unlike recent disasters such as Bomb Gaza. In this Android game developed by three Israelis, the Angry Jew is a Hassidic man that dodges aggressors in 19th century, pogroms-filled Russia. This humorous app claims it is the first “running-jumping-punching game that has distinct Jewish motifs.”

Even if your Jewish grandmother thinks you spend too much time on your smartphone and too little time caring about “your people,” she’ll be happy to see the enormous “Made by Jews” sticker on the Angry Jew app’s home screen.

I Am Rich
This story is old but too amazing not to include. In 2008, eight people were stupid enough to download the I Am Rich app from the Apple Store: for US$1,000 each. The app was literally just a status symbol, showing a red graphic diamond on their phones that showed, indeed, they were rich. Apple banned the app, but we have been laughing about it ever since.

Here’s a list of some other amazingly moronic status symbols that only the superrich would (and could) buy; a US$200K pigeon, a US$390K reward for getting good grades, and a US$11M watch.

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Another oldie but goodie, HangTime is one of the dumbest apps ever made. It measures the amount of time your phone can “hang” in the air before coming back down. That’s right — the app encourages you to throw your phone in the air. As fun as it might be to throw a baby slightly into the air to get a little giggle (yes, we know you’ve done it), throwing your phone a bunch of times into the uncertain sky sounds like a recipe for disaster.

And what skills would you gain since your phone — or any other piece of equipped technology – can measure distances of time better than you? We’d prefer to keep our phones in tact…until they fizz out two years from now.

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