The top iOS apps for April 2014

Imitating the real, 2048 and Piano Tiles topped in free apps chart on the App Store this April; Clash of Clans was top-grossing

By Jonathan Toyad

The Clone Wars reign supreme downloads-wise: 2048 and Piano Tiles triumphs over its sources of heavy inspiration.

The Clone Wars reign supreme downloads-wise: 2048 and Piano Tiles triumphs over its sources of heavy inspiration.

The top two free apps on the App Store in April 2014 in order are puzzle games 2048 and Piano Tiles, according to a monthly report by mobile analytics company, Distimo. Both these titles were born out of imitating an existing game that was out less than a month before their inception: Threes for the former and Don’t step the white tile for the latter.

In a twist of fate, the clones performed much better on the charts than their original counterparts. 2048 was mostly downloaded by US markets, with Chinese gamers following behind. The majority of Piano Tiles’ downloads was from China.

The next installment of the 2D puzzle motorbike game, Trials was placed pretty high on the list. Trials Frontier was placed third, with its download numbers mostly from China for the month. Supercell’s recent game Boom Beach was placed fourth and was also downloaded most in the region. This is due to both games made available globally on the App Store.

Even though the titles were soft-launched first in North America, China gamers and casual users were quick to explore the new games and pick it up instantaneously. As an aside, Boom Beach is trending well not just in China, but also in Australia and South Korea during the month. Still, it cements China as the current go-to place for mobile gaming revenues in the following months and, possibly, years to come.


On a related note, the same report stated that the top paid app is Mojang’s portable version of Minecraft, followed by the artsy puzzle game Monument Valley. Quiz game Heads Up! was at third, while movie license tie-in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and image-editing app Afterlight were at fourth and fifth respectively for the month.

The top-grossing app for April was Clash of Clans, which surprised no one, given the game’s lucrative popularity for the past months. Candy Crush Saga was just behind and placed second.

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