The minimum viable product is out and suddenly the startup has seen some revenue and user traction. But before the team pop’s the champagne, it’s important to make sure there is some brand awareness down first. It would be a bummer to spend money on the bubbly only to realise the sales were a one-off. 

So how can a Founder ensure that they’ve got a defensible position for years to come.

The question is…how?

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Hubspot was founded in 2004 as the marketing and sales platform that helps companies grow traffic, nab leads and complete sales.

As a service, it provides an all-in-one integrated inbound marketing service for businesses looking to grow their clientele through features like landing pages, calls-to-action and personalised emails.

The service is currently used by more than 15,000 companies in over 90 countries, a testament to the effectiveness of the platform in helping customers with their inbound marketing efforts.

David Fallarme leads marketing for Hubspot and has successfully grown products across several industries. As the head of marketing for a B2B SaaS startup, he grew the annual revenue from mere thousands to seven-figures and also led customer acquisition for several video games with million of users.

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In his current position, he draws on his diverse experience in multiple industries and key understanding of what makes consumers tick to help companies reach their target audience and grow their customer relationships.

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