The world of entrepreneurship is a land filled with both fascinating opportunities and incredible diversity.

In a now-famous Apple commercial, Steve Jobs famously heaped effusive praise on those who were “misfits”, “rebels”, or “troublemakers”, and many startup founders have since plastered posters with snippets from this speech on the walls of their offices, hoping it will guide them like a mantra from a religious text.

Jobs’ intention was well-meaning, and many successful entrepreneurs are, indeed, people whose behaviour deviated from the norm and had a unique perspective of the world — misfits, essentially.

But looking back at Jobs’ famous speech, I can’t help but feel that perhaps people focus too much on the “rule-bending”, “troublemaking” part of it.

Because, behind all that hippy-talk, the classic definition of an entrepreneur is basically an individual who sees a business opportunity and is willing to cash their chips in to see it happen.

The fact is, you don’t have to be some charismatic maverick to want to build an idea that would rake in money — and ideally, improve the lives of ordinary folks.

Entrepreneurs come in all forms and sizes; of different creeds and stripes; of different orientations.

Maybe you are that one person who thinks of a cool new product or solution but is unsure of how, when or whether the time is right to showcase it. Maybe you think are not some kind of hotshot, a smooth-talking speaker who could get a monk to buy a whole case of combs.

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