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Another 20 startups pitching at TOP100 Fight Club, showcasing the best of Asia in Echelon Asia Summit 2017

From mobile applications to SaaS platforms, these 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club showcases the best of a wide range of industries

TOP100 fight club

Echelon Asia Summit 2017 is coming up and we’re excited to see you all there.

But before that, after multiple rounds of screening and judging, we are happy to announce the third batch of 20 startups that will be pitching on the Future Stage at Echelon Asia Summit 2017!

Check out the announcement for first 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club.

From B2B to B2C, and covering a wide range of markets and industries, these startups will be showcasing their products and services in Singapore this June. Pitching to an audience consisting of investors, corporates, startups, and the tech community, the TOP100 stand a chance to win in the largest startup competition in Singapore (more on TOP100 Fight Club here).

Check out the announcement for the second batch of 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club

Here is the third batch of 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club, in no particular order:

41. Moving Walls

Moving Walls was formed with a vision to enable future “Smart Cities” with out-of-home advertising. They provide solutions for businesses to connect and engage with their market such as  Moving Insights, a big data platform that integrates Public (Open Data), Private (Maps, Social) and Onsite (IoT) data to deliver Location and Context Intelligence, and Moving Audiences, for digitising outdoor media and connecting all-screens (billboards, retail signage, smartphones, and so on). It is already the largest network of digital screens in Asia.

42. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a startup that offers using AI and technology and machine-learning such as Flax Scanner, a disruptive AI technology that captures information accurately from image data and reformat it into a relational database, to replace repetitive tasks such as data input, paperwork filing, and reformatting so business can focus on more productive work. Their deep learning techniques have achieved 99.8% accuracy for recognising handwritten Japanese and Chinese characters, and the company has since achieved an MRR of US$40K per month after 3 months of operations.

43. ELI Software

ELI Software enables organisations to build “Software That Learns”, the next generation AI software that can automatically update itself in tune with the evolution of an organisation’s processes. They have developed a low-code software builder for AI knowledge driven applications targeted at domain experts, with easy to configure rules and knowledge engine that is able to process and represent transactions, discussions, events, knowledge libraries, and process journey mapping. They also have a prototype of the knowledge graphing engine that could handle fundamental knowledge representation of concept, alternatives, time, must-haves, probability, and divisibility, and plans on launching a Big Data and IoT powered platform.

44. SocioRAC

SocioRAC is a mobile app that solves the daily problem of managing content with Screenshots/ CopyPaste – it provides a simple end-to-end proprietary patent pending solution – integrates with other apps, helps create a faster, efficient, and more collaborative work process. The app is a one-click solution that works on any screen and has a cloud backup.

45. PT Privy Identitas Digital

Privy ID Provides digital identity through digital signature, allowing users the capability of using online transactions and online billing in legal action and procedures such as contracts and deals. By ensuring that each person could only have one account through verified national identification, phone number, and email,  Privy ID prevents duplication of online service account andprovides each account with a private key to securely sign documents digitally.

46. AppPay

AppPay is a comprehensive mobile commerce enabler company with merchant-end wallet app system, loyalty rewards system, and full blown of app-based O2O commerce facilities for Brick-and-Mortar businesses. They currently focus in F&B and Retail businesses and simplify the way merchants operate by making payments easier, seamlessly connecting between online and offline.

47. Zarrel

Zarrel is an online subscription service that provides the user with an infinite rotating closet so as to never get bored with their wardrobe again.  Users can simply select their apparel of choice, use them, and return to Zarrel once done.

48. TribeWizard

TribeWizard is a web and mobile application focussing on knowledge retention and enhancement of corporate learners by providing short burst of engaging learning experiences. They have 3 objectives: to engage learners, to reinforce learning, and to inspire knowledge application by utilising periodic quizzes to boost knowledge enhancement and retention. Learners will have to answer the gamified quizzes, and by doing so, be forced to recall what they have learned.

49. Cygen

Cygen provides multiple solutions that help individuals increase their knowledge and understanding of how to minimise challenges and improve their quality of life. They utilise technology and innovation to predict probable health issues and build dynamics that can prevent them. They collect demographic, lifestyle, and clinical data through devices and analyses and determines risks and develops a holistic score. An analytics engine generates health reports with actionable insights.

50. Save Yourselves

Save Yourselves is a mental healthcare platform that tackles the problem of mental health in Indonesia, one youth at a time. They provide fast and accessible help for anyone in need of mental support, an educational media on mental health awareness, and an emergency suicide hotline.

51. Butler in Suits

Butler In Suits is a subscription-based smart home management service that automates your apartment cleaning, laundry, and groceries every week, by combining technology and hospitality to provide a complete home management experience for homeowners.

52. M-JEK

M-JEK is an on-demand platform for services such as delivery of goods, transportation, laundry services, food ordering, and cleaning services. They provide standardised and high quality services that can be accessed through omni channel, with real-time tracking and the capability to obtain a digital signature from receiver.

53. Funday365

Funday365 is neighborhood app to connect like-minded people and build communities. It envisions to be part of everyone’s daily life for every possible collaboration through user-to-user connection based on shared interests and activities.

54. MobiPromo

MobiPromo® is a proprietary WiFi marketing and monetisation system. MobiPromo sets the industry benchmarks by providing the most advanced and comprehensive range of in-session advertising of any WiFi marketing system available by providing knowledge and insights into the interests of those entering user’s environment with a 100% opt-in permission-based solution that closes the security knowledge gap and better focus scarce security resources. MobiPromo is currently deployed in over 50 countries.

55. Oomph

Oomph is an engagement platform that lets local and international developers showcase and monetise their work through mobile apps, games, news, and videos. The platform developers a wider reach within Indonesia and, soon, the region.

56. cutQ

cutQ is a takeaway mobile app where users can pre-order coffee and food, pay, and simply pick up at the store when it’s ready.It eliminates the need to queue for food and beverage, and offers a variety of stores in Singapore.

57. MJasa

MJasa is on demand application that provides standardised and professional services. Users can see all providers and their reviews on each category, schedule and book services, track progress in real time, chat, and get transparent pricing for each service.

58., is a one stop shop for freighting needs. The portal integrates all the end-to-end supply chain requirements of SME businesses, and offers a comparator platform for freight pricing. Through the portal, users can plan, compare, and book freight online within minutes as well as book door-to-door service for containers and loose cargo in 23 countries. It is a transparent and hassle-free freight management solution.

59. Staydilly

Staydilly is a mystery hotel booking site that partners the best premium hotels to offer 5-star hotels at 3-star prices. They hand-pick hotels and work only with quality hotels in the 3 to 5-star category which have past user review ratings of 7 and above, a rate up to 60% less than the usual rates. All the information travelers will see are real photos of the hotel and room, location of the hotel, review from past guests, and a description of the hotel, with the real name of the hotel hidden until booking gas been completed. Staydilly solves premium hotel occupancy vs brand dilution problem by selling vacant rooms under the Staydilly brand up to a year in advance, allowing the hotel to avoid brand dilution of their premium brand, while at the same time achieve their desired objective of maximising revenues and profitability by filling otherwise idle rooms.

60. Advvy

Advvy is a media agency workflow platform that streamlines inefficient campaign planning processes so employees can work smarter, while giving management real-time visibility into performance. The Advvy cloud-based platform is a robust workflow management platform that enables media agencies and publishers to better plan, brief, buy, and report on media campaigns, while bringing efficiency to the process. The SaaS platform was developed while working closely alongside some of the largest multi-national media agencies in the world to ensure that the platform not only solves their pain points on a global scale, but also meets their enterprise data security and compliance requirements.

Watch out for more announcements on the remaining TOP100 Fight Club startups soon!

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