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We are counting down to Echelon Asia Summit 2017!

And while there are a lot to get a excited for (like these, for example), we are also especially looking forward to the TOP100 Fight Club. After multiple rounds of screening and judging, we are happy to announce the first 20 startups that will be pitching on the Future Stage at Echelon Asia Summit 2017!

From B2B to B2C, and covering a wide range of markets and industries, these startups will be showcasing their products and services in Singapore this June. Pitching to an audience consisting of investors, corporates, startups, and the tech community, the TOP100 stand a chance to win in the largest startup competition in Singapore (more on TOP100 Fight Club here).

So, without further ado, here are the first 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club, in no particular order):

1. Poladrone

Founded in 2016 by two aerospace engineers in Malaysia, Poladrone utilises UAV and remote sensing technologies to collect data and uses various algorithms to derive insights from the data gathered. The goal is to tackle industrial issues and increase efficiency within agriculture plantations to create sustainable farming practices.

2. SmartPeep

SmartPeep offers an outdoor home security system that guards your house perimeter using video analytics. It plays augmented sound effects and notifies family members on mobile when intrusion happens.

3. FoodZaps Technology

An Android restaurant management and point-of-sale platform that allows devices to stay connected even with unstable internet connection. With a patent-pending Fail-Safe Hybrid technology, FoodZaps uses machine learning technology to auto infer inventory status, order from suppliers, track order snd delivery of supplies, and generally help restaurants manage their costs.

4. AiChat

A conversational AI startup providing bot-as-a-service platform for businesses to manage chatbots on popular messaging apps for ecommerce, customer service, marketing, CRM and data analytics. Currently working with clients from local retailers, F%B outlets, and globla brands, AiChat provides custom chatbot solutions based on individual business needs.

5. Dexecure

A developer tool that automatically speed up websites. Slow loading website lose companies millions of money, with ecommerce companies in the United States alone losing US$3 billion. With the use of sophisticated algorithms, Dexecure speeds up loading times and, since it’s launch a year ago, have optimised and served nearly 150 million assets, saving 1.7 TB of data for their clients.

6. DesignBold

An online marketplace for design. The app allows individuals and SMEs to connect with designers and select from thousands of ready-made templates for presentations, online ads, banners, and more. DesignBold is also a platform for designers to generate income from their designs and gives them access to a larger audience without spending for advertising costs.

7. bowr

A curated furniture e-tailer focussed on providing high quality, locally designed and competitively priced furniture for SEA. They partner with regional designers and aims to provide an online experience that redefines the way people purchase furniture and challenge the current business model of the industry.

8. Event Banana

Online marketplace to help underutilized venue owners to connect with people looking for event spaces (seminar, meeting, offsite, party, etc.). It serves as platform to connect event spaces with event hosts, giving venue more visibility and business leads, while helping event hosts a wider range of options to search and book easily.

9. BolehCompare

An online and offline comparison tool for Telco, smart devices, banks, and insurance companies. BolehCompare helps consumers search and find the best deal and prices, as well as provides product information and features comparison in a single marketplace platform.

10. Kutumbita

An enterprise platform that streamlines communication and increases employee engagement between difference levels of factory work. In the $700 billion global apparel manufacturing industry, for example, factory workers often have trouble communicating with management and vice versa. By the time workers can make themselves heard, tensions can escalate, resulting in unrest or labor strikes. Kutumbita empowers employees and helps management by creating the means for clear, calm, equitable communication.

11. Noviscient Solutions

A Singapore-based start-up helping Asian investment managers digitally transform their businesses. Noviscient Solutions provides a translation layer (platform) between new data providers and traditional asset managers to allow them to take advantage of new sources of data and machine learning analytics.

12. Plizz

Online accounting services for SMEs. Plizz aims to offer business owners with responsive, transparent, cost-effective, and technology-powered accounting services to help them lessen time spent in all their accounting & tax obligations, and help them focus on developing their business.

13. Venteny

An HR Tech and Fintech solution for companies in the Philippines. Venteny provides a marketplace with exclusive perks with more than 500 partner merchants where their clients can take advantage of discounts and save. In addition, Venteny provides employees of their clients with quick and easy access to capital in the form of personal loans, with guaranteed collection through the participation of the employers.

14. FOMO Pay

FOMO Pay is a one-stop payment solution that enables international merchants to accept Chinese payment methods including WeChat Pay, Baidu Wallet, China UnionPay, and many more. Their app allows merchants to collect payments anytime, anywhere at zero installations fees. It also allows Chinese tourists to purchase without need to exchange cash as it automatically converts to RMB and allows the user to pay using their preferred way. FOMO Pay also supplies a variety of promotions and discounts.

15. Regit

Regit is a compliant B2B communication platform that simplifies how businesses and customers communicate. They provide the user with a single platform to share and update personal information with the businesses they trust, allowing them to register for an event, sign up for a credit card, apply for a job, book a flight, and update their information with all their service providers, in as little as one click. As a Saas company, Regit provides businesses with clean data and updated information so they can focus on their customers.

16. igloohome

igloohome aims to help people manage their homes and properties with minimal effort with their Smart Deadbolt 02 and Smart Keybox – devices that allows home and property owners to grant access to their properties remotely, via a mobile app. The technology behind their devices involves synchronisation and encryption, similar to that in the internet banking token, and eliminates the need for wi-fi connectivity, which in eliminates wi-fi hacking and disruption. igloohome is a partner of Airbnb, and is now listed on Host Assist on the Airbnb website globally.

17. CryoWerx

CryoWerx help retailer automate their brick-and-mortar store using an automated retail kiosk that enable self-service experiential purchase to be made, assisted with their mobile app. The app itself is used not only for in-store purchase but also for online orders.

18. EasyLaw

A lawyer discovery platform, connecting clients to the lawyers with right expertise. The platform makes acquiring of legal advice and management of legal documents easier and more affordable. Calling themselves the Uber for law, EasyLaw aims to transform the legal profession by making sure everyone has easy access to legal justice.

19. Grivy

Grivy connects nearby consumers with offline stores through highly relevant contextual notifications that are triggered based on signals, location APIs and sensors. The location-based discovery platform lets customers discover and buy great deals from nearby merchants and provides a real-time auction bidding feature.

20. Telemedica

A company that runs a telemedicine platform called Ooca. Ooca is focussed on mental heath issues, providing secure connections between clients and providers through an optimised video call platform. Telemedica also adds online tele-health presence to medical institutions.

Watch out for more announcements on the remaining TOP100 Fight Club startups soon!

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