Television shows that can provide education value with suitable entertainment are rare in Indonesia nowadays. Addressing this challenge is an interactive portal for kids called TopKids. Boosted by growing internet usage in the country, this portal adopts the concept of ‘edutainment’. This essentially means that the content ensures that kids learn something positive, along with being entertained.

Catering to kids from the ages of six to 12, TopKids offers TV show, news, fashion, music, games, etc.

If your child is passionate about music and playing melodies, you can refer him/her to the music channel. If fond of reading, kids can find a lot of reading material in the eBook format, ranging from education, stories, etc. The same goes for the games channel, where kids can interact actively with approximately 50 game titles.

All content is child-proof, so parents need not worry about their kids being exposed to inappropriate material.

TopKids’ revenue is generated from advertisements and paid content. The growth of internet in Indonesia will persuade parents to continuously look for healthy and educational options for their kids to watch, and this is where TopKids can maximise the opportunity.

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Translated from: DailySocial