Founded in 2009, Indonesian gaming studio Touchten today announced that it had recently celebrated its fifth birthday with Japanese animation studio TMS Entertainment and UOB Venture Management as its shareholders.

Its wish this year? According to an official statement, Touchten plans to build and become the no. 1 smartphone game publishing platform in Southeast Asia. With an online to offline (O2O) feature, the startup, which has received funding from CyberAgent Ventures and Ideosource in 2013 and 2011 respectively, will be looking to publish games with monetisation in mind. Users will soon be able to collect and win virtual coins and points, which can then be redeemed with real offline goods.

Its O2O feature will be introduced with a new game slated for release exclusively in Indonesia. The official release stated that Touchten will work with local brands to launch the game platform in March.

Even lofty dreams can be achieved with solid plans. Anton Soeharyo, CEO, Touchten, told e27, “We believe that content is king. To be number one, the most important is content, in this case, it’s the game itself. Platform is just an infrastructure. Without good and fun games, you are nothing. I often joke with my founders, “Even if you put BMW as prize, but the game is boring, once the BMW is claimed, players will leave your platform,”. We aim to have one million daily active users by Q4 2014.”

With over nine million users across 20 odd titles, Touchten took the opportunity to announce that its Series B round, led by CyberAgent Ventures, has been closed.

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Soeharyo noted, “Our investors have shaped our mindset, from revenue driven to user driven. When we were bootstrapping, we think about profit first, understandably, because we have to worry about salaries and expenses. but now with funding, we can really and sincerely focus on how to make my players happy.”

He added that while many things have changed in the gaming world in just five years, the biggest innovation has to go to the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset. He explained, “It’s just amazing how you can “be” in a virtual world. And for me personally is the smartphone phenomena itself. I mean look at the decline of consoles, and the rise of “mobile gamers”. Even the big publishers didn’t anticipate it. Mobile gamers in the future need better touch control schemes and perhaps bigger screens.”

Tsuragai Makoto, Managing Director, TMS Entertainment, concluded, “Indonesia is a big and important country for our company, and we would like to establish a footprint in this country by investing in Touchten’s game platform.”