Eight years ago, a man by the name of Fred Mouawad started an internal task management service to manage his own staff and portfolio companies. “I wanted to make people accountable,” he said. This February, the website and mobile app was launched for the masses after nearly two years of development.

Well known for his involvement in the century-old jewellery family business Mouawad, the unassuming billionaire is also the Chairman and CEO of Synergia Brands — the company behind TaskWorld. He told e27, “We use the platform on a daily basis ourselves.” This fact was then reiterated when this author met Kent Ball, General Manager, TaskWorld, who showed her how the team utilised their own creation.

Ball said, “If you’re working with a team on a project, you want to see the progress of the tasks and how well the team is performing.” With the ability to calculate capability, show metrics in a visually-appealing manner, and rate and measure performance, TaskWorld might just be the alternative to Asana, Trello, and Basecamp.

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The problem with such task management services or programmes is that they often add another layer to the already tedious process called work. But Mouawad does not seem to think so. He said, “In general, the industry is evolving, and you have big players, but no one is going from our angle of feedback and performance.”

From a bird’s eye view, the service allows users to see how much of the project has been completed; but will it give the team a push to finish work, complete the project and achieve a better score? After all, if you know that you will be rated on a certain task, would you not give a 110 per cent to making sure it is stellar?

At the moment, usage is still free, but the team intends to push out a premium pricing very soon. This will be targeted at professionals or enterprises with more needs such as the ability to invite as many colleagues, or having a storage space on TaskWorld. In addition, these companies will soon be able to import tasks and projects from existing management services to their new environment on TaskWorld.

While the company is a registered US company, most of the employees are actually based in Thailand. In fact, out of a team of about 50 individuals, barring a couple, all are based in Bangkok. Ball also shared with e27 that the company intends to hire another 50 employees in the near future.