Bangalore-based Tricog Health Services, which provides a cloud connected ECG machine that helps doctors detect heart complications of patients within minutes of their arrival, has secured an undisclosed amount in Series A funding from Inventus Capital Partners and Blume Ventures, with participation from a host of angel investors.

The startup will use the investment to develop technology and market reach.

Tricog Health was founded in January 2015 by a team of medical experts and technologists with an aim to help preserve people’s lives through technology. Its solution involves installing a cloud connected ECG machine in primary and secondary care medical centres — clinics, polyclinics, nursing homes and hospitals. The moment a doctor takes a patient’s ECG, the information is sent to their centrally located hub where a qualified expert is available 24×7.

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So every time an ECG is performed with Tricog’s cloud-connected ECG device, a Tricog specialist interprets it and sends the report through an SMS as well as a message on their mobile app.

“In India alone, 5 million people suffer heart attacks every year and 3 million of these don’t survive. The average time it takes to diagnose a heart attack in urban India is 360 minutes. The chances of survival with this delay is a mere 20 per cent. If this delay were reduced to 90 minutes, the survival probability jumps to 80 per cent. Tricog’s aim is to change that patient’s 80 per cent chance of death to an 80 per cent chance of staying alive,” said Dr Charit Bhograj, DM (Cardiology) and Founder of CEO of Tricog.

Since launch in February last year, Tricog has expanded to close to 250 clinics, nursing homes and hospitals in 12 cities and towns, both urban and rural. Almost 100,000 patients were diagnosed, over 5,000 of whom were found with acute heart conditions that required urgent intervention.

Tricog would be expanding to cover all major cities and towns during 2016-17.

(L-R): Tricog Co-founders Dr Zainul Charbiwala, Abhinav Gujjar, Dr Udayan Dasgupta and Dr Charit Bhograj 

(L-R): Tricog Co-founders Dr Zainul Charbiwala, Abhinav Gujjar, Dr Udayan Dasgupta and Dr Charit Bhograj

The key to scaling the service are machine learning and signal processing algorithms that ease the interpretation task for the doctors. “Advanced algorithms and data visualisation help our expert doctors, ensuring accuracy and speed. The next step would be to unleash the potential for the algorithm to be used in personal health devices and wearable devices,”added Bhograj.

Sanjay Nath, Managing Director of Blume, said: “Tricog’s deep data and algorithm-driven platform, augmented by a communicator (a proprietary hardware device manufactured by them) can reach patients in urban areas, Tier II and III cities, and even remote locations.”