A new Western music distribution player wants in on tapping the Asian market alongside Spotify and Deezer.

TuneCore, a New York-based company with startup roots, signed a deal with KKBOX, which is one of the largest digital music subscription services in Asia. Users all across Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao can now check out the selection of songs TuneCore has.

TuneCore President and COO Scott Ackerman said that Asia is a ripe place for TuneCore artists to share their music to. “We’re excited to be a major US-based music distribution partner for KKBOX and offer artists entry into a region where getting distributed has often been a challenge regardless of high consumer demand.”

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TuneCore is renowned for letting bands not go through giant music labels and helping them bring their music to different online distribution services like iTunes. Basically, if an American artist or band does not get much of a reception in his native country, they can try their luck in many Asian regions thanks to this KKBOX deal.

Asians should be familiar with KKBOX, as the service has 200 million subscribers and features 10 million plus music tracks from 500 various labels and publishers. Also, the service has karaoke features: select songs will have rolling lyrics for listeners to sing along to.