Turner Asia Pacific, the Asian branch of the American media conglomerate, announced yesterday it has “taken a significant minority stake” in the Vietnamese digital media company POPS Worldwide.

POPS manages the country’s top YouTube channel with a music station that boasts 3.3 million subscribers and 3.6 billion lifetime views.

Ricky Ow, the President of Turner Asia Pacific, said POPS’ ability to attract and enagage audiences is why Turner invested in the company.

“Our investment is part of Turner’s desire to place fans and consumers at the very core – to reach and engage them with branded content and playlists – as well as target diverse demographics in new ways,” he said.

“With a surge of video-on-demand viewing in both Vietnam and Southeast Asia, these are exciting times for two companies that share a very similar culture of innovation.”

Turner also launched its Boomerang network (full of animated content) on the POPS kids platform. It provides international animated content dubbed into Vietnamese.

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The counting stats (as of June 14) for POPS are as follows:

  • Monthly views: more than 2 billion
  • YouTube network subscribers: 32 million
  • Channels under management: 1,210
  • Lifetime watch-hours: 4 billion
  • Social media fans across Facebook, Instagram and Zalo: 4 million

Esther Nguyen, the CEO and Founder of POPS Worldwide said the company plans on expanding its network across more mobile and ‘non-traditional’ platforms and invest heavily in content production.

“Through this journey, we realised that we share the same vision of the future of entertainment. Our work with Turner led to the successful YouTube launch of Boomerang Vietnam and popular Boomerang programming on POPS Kids,” she said.

“For the first time in Vietnam, full episodes of classic properties like Tom and Jerry, Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls and Scooby-Doo were available for our audiences online. Though we started working together in the Kids business, we now look forward to broadening our content partnership even wider.”

POPS partners with 1,7000 partners and 1,200 channels to bring content from Vietnam, Asia and the world to its viewers.

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POPS was founded in 2007 and is based in Ho Chi Minh City and has offices in Hanoi and Bangkok.

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