Kompas Gramedia, a Jakarta-based bookstore chain, announced today it has acquired Scoop, an e-book startup from Indonesia.

The acquisition was a move complement Kompas Gramedia’s e-commerce marketplace (which sells lifestyle products like stationary, household products and books). Scoop will be fully integrated into Kompas Gramedia moving forward.

Kompas Gramedia is an investor in Scoop and, based on statements from the CEOs of both Kompas Gramedia’s online platform and Scoop, the companies had a history of collaboration and bolstering one another’s retail offerings.

“It has been long journey for Scoop and team. This acquisition will accelerate the company’s full integration with Kompas Gramedia. The group has been very supportive since its first investment in 2013,” said Scoop Founder and CEO Willson Cuaca in a statement.

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Kompas Gramedia is a traditional retail outlet making a strong push towards digital, so this kind of acquisition to bolster its e-commerce offerings is logical.

“Scoop has played an important role in strengthening Kompas Gramedia digital offering in media and commerce. There is a clear strategic fit between and Scoop that will continue to benefit both platforms,” said Andy Budiman, the CEO of in a statement.

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Scoop, which has a strong mobile presence, has been downloaded by 6 million people, has around 400 publishers and over 30,000 books on its platform.

Kompas Gramedia has over 100 bookstores across Indonesia and claims to be the largest such chain in the country.

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