Uber wants to bring strangers closer together — using Facebook. Today, Business Insider reported that the ride-hailing giant has filed a patent that will allow UberPool riders to view the common interests or backgrounds of their fellow passengers, such as schools, workplace, or country of residence.

Uber’s proposed design as exhibited from its patent filed at the US Patent Office (USPTO)

By syncing the rider’s profile with their Facebook account, Uber will also display any mutual friends the riders share with their fellow passengers.

Uber’s proposed user journey. Image Credit: USPTO

The Business Insider article also stated that Uber is proposing a feature that will allow Uber riders to request to only pool with people with shared interests.

In  addition, Uber has outlined another proposal that will allow users to book Uber rides straight on event invite pages on Facebook, and share the rides with friends of mutual friends (as located they are located close by) — all without leaving Facebook.

Will this make carpooling more creepy or more fun? Let us know in the comments below.