We, at e27believe in Asia’s tech community. As such, we value their insights about the ecosystem, put the spotlight on their contributions to their industries, and celebrate the wins that they have.

This community spotlight is on UnaBiz, an end-to-end IoT solutions company that aims to provide cost-effective and energy-efficient IoT solutions.

We had the chance to talk to Henri Bong, CEO and Founder, about a future with IoT at the center.

On what UnaBiz does

“We are an end-to- end IoT solution enabler company. We have 3 main business activities: (1) we are the first licensed IoT operator in Singapore and Taiwan where we own and deploy a physical IoT dedicated network and sell connectivity services; (2) we sell IoT solutions from Europe and Asia based on sensors using our network; (3) we provide professional services to help companies use our solutions and network infrastructure.”

On what makes them different from their competitors

“We do have competitors for each one of our activities but none of them offer a complete spectrum of services like we do. Our competitive edge lies in the ability to not just facilitate, but drive the adoption of IoT for our customers from end to end. On top of that, we are the exclusive partner of SIGFOX technology in Singapore and Taiwan – the most mature IoT connectivity company in the world.”

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On how UnaBiz came about

“A lot of people and companies have been speaking about Internet of Things for the past few years, but most identified use-cases were impossible to scale with existing cellular or LAN network. We identified the key barriers of adoption, which are essentially; cost, complexity and the lack of end-to- end knowledge and skills in this new industry, that’s how the idea of UnaBiz came about.”

On what it’s like building their team

“It went beyond all expectations. The best skills from the industry – mainly from local telecommunication carriers and system integrators came to us following the announcement of our network launch. We currently have thousands of followers on our social media. I believe our pro-active and engaging presence in the local community has drawn in many passionate and highly skilled talents from the industry and beyond to self-apply every week.”

On what it takes to be part of the UnaBiz team

“In two words, vision and passion! They need to deeply be convinced by the vision and be passionate about it bringing my own vision to the next level.”

On what makes employees stay

“We work as a very closely knitted family with very little distance between employees and management. Every employee is empowered to voice their opinion, contribute, challenge, learn and grow with the company in all areas.”

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On the trend that company’s should watch out for

“Price will keep falling, making IoT accessible for more users. With more use-cases, confidence level will grow, bringing real ROI to enterprises and peace of mind to users.”

On IoT’s contribution to the way of life

“IoT will give us peace of mind. It empowers us by letting us understand better our environment like never before. This allows us to optimise, control, and make all kinds of decisions more efficiently and effectively.”

On the market’s acceptance of IoT technology

“We see a big difference in terms of openness and attitude towards the technology over the last few years. There is a paradigm shift in terms of mindset at an individual and corporate level. Digital transformation is at the core of every MNC strategy and IoT is the key driver if not the most essential piece of the puzzle.”

On why they chose Taiwan and Singapore to base their operation

“Taiwan has the best electronics ecosystem in the world with quality at low cost. Singapore is the best showcase as a fast technology adopter country and a must have reference for Asia Pacific. By focusing our resources in these two key countries, UnaBiz gains the credibility to become a global player in IoT, manufacturing high quality low cost sensors and showcasing them in one of the most advanced countries in the world.”

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On their vision for UnaBiz

“Less is more! IoT for everybody! UnaBiz vision is to make IoT accessible to EVERYONE, just like the air we breathe. By making IoT cheaper, simpler, faster, the world can become more connected and informed, reducing inefficiency, wastage, making the world a better place. It will give us a peace of mind and letting us focus on the things that really matters.”

On innovation and the future of IoT

“All revolutions started off as being “Ridiculous” to the common man. When we come in with a revolutionary new technology, we are looked upon as a disruptor of the status quo, we are perceived as “Dangerous”. However, I strongly believe the eventuality of IoT will become “Obvious”. The main challenge we face now is to overcome the old mindset and to make people understand the eventuality of IoT quickly by using valuable use-cases and killer applications.”

UnaBiz is an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider of cost-effective and energy-efficient IoT solutions, including wireless infrastructure, devices, and many more. They help businesses collect and analyse data from millions of devices to allow them to maximise resources and increase productivity. UnaBiz is focussed on enlarging its portfolio of products and solutions and growing their ecosystem of partners and experts to meet the growing demands of the global market.