Demographic Information Report from UserReport

Digital research and performance platform  UserReport has quietly launched in Indonesia. Earlier, the free online survey tool developed for media business, website owners and publishers, has managed to grab big names like National Geographic, Toyota and eBay as its clients. Other than mere digital research, the Copenhagen-based Scandinavian startup is also armed with digital campaign performance reports, which allow clients to create their own personal online survey along with demographic information from visitors.

The Epinion Global Group subsidiary also has prominent Malaysian clients, which include Autocar, LiveLifeDrive, Carlist, Beautiful Nara and MyResipi. According to the company’s managing director for Southeast Asia, Vincent Ko, the firm is expanding further into the region to establish its foothold whilst also capitalizing on the free research and survey tool that it offers as a potential revenue driver. He has not revealed any additional information on Indonesian clients, yet.

”UserReport offers cost effective research services in the region. Our state of the art systems and professional research team provides you with the best solutions from sample collection to full research projects,” said the former EffectiveMeasure Business Development Manager in an e-mail conversation with e27.

This online usability survey tool offers agencies, brand, marketers and website owners a deeper understanding of who are their audiences are, and where they are coming from. It also offers insights into trends and most visited websites or pages by asking certain questions from users. From the the information gathered, UserReport would then offer comprehensive and valuable information about the audience, not merely the demographic but behavior, as well.

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This data enables brands, publishers and marketers to understand the underlying elements that will be important in formulating the best market strategy for targeting visitors, members, users or customers. This does not only involve website traffic, usability and conversion rates — which are crucial — but clients can also monitor if incoming visitors are from within their targeted audience or not.

Demographic info, user feedback, user satisfaction, social click maps and newsletters are some of the features this on-site survey tool provides. Users will have full control of which feature they would like to benefit from, and these can be turned on and off depending on need. On top of full control, they also have privilege to choose what questions to ask.

Another factor that differentiates UserReport from other similar platforms is its “full integration” with Google Analytics, so users will have better understanding and appreciate analytics much better.

Vincent has reaffirmed that all of our digital campaigns are now measurable, which offers us better insights into the performance of a brand’s online presence. Meanwhile, those that already have an established presence can do post-testing to confirm the effectivity of campaigns.

Featured image credits: Analytics / Shutterstock