Unified Inbox that announced Singapore to be its regional headquarters, combines all emails and social media accounts into single window


From payment solution provider PayTouch to photo sharing site Cooliris, Western tech startups are rushing to Asia — the next big growth market for startups. It’s turn of cloud-based unified communications and social collaboration platform Unified Inbox, which announced today that it is making Singapore the site of its international headquarters, in a strategic move to grow the company globally and expand into the Asia region.

Unified Inbox focuses on providing cross-platform cloud solutions aimed at fostering unification and collaboration. Its first offering is a mobile app, which allows users to manage all their incoming and outgoing messages — multiple email accounts and social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — centrally from a single interface.

Positioned as “Getting Things Done”, Unified Inbox, besides the usual tasks like Swipe, Archive and Delete, can turn messages into as Tasks. These tasks can be further delegated to team mates. The messages can also be deferred for later viewing.

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The Five Ds
Toby Ruckert, Founder & CEO of Unified Inbox, told e27 that Unified Inbox was primarily a solution to a daily challenge which the company faced. “Having offices across the world and across time zones meant that our email boxes were always overflowing. Also, it was a daunting task to manage multiple accounts. Unified Inbox was a solution for just that,” he said.

According to him, the app’s philosophy is based on five Ds — Do, Delete, Delegate, Defer and Distribute.

While still in the closed beta phase, Unified Inbox claims to have partnered with telcos and ISPs for a global market roll out in 2015.

Singapore as headquarters
According to Ruckert, the company chose to make Singapore as its regional HQ, due to its strong support for tech and startups. “Singapore is one of the best places in the world to start and grow a tech company,” he said, adding, “It is one of the leading technology nations in Asia and offers an excellent environment for ICT businesses with strong government support, securing of intellectual property as well as producing top students, leading to an excellent talent pool both in management as well as in R&D.”

Robert Sim, Business Development Manager for Unified Inbox, added that in the long run, Unified Inbox’s presence in Singapore also serves as the company’s gateway to the Asian market. “We’ve secured our first lighthouse enterprise customers here, and choosing Singapore will allow us to expand into other Asia markets quickly,” he notes. “Negotiations with various channel and marketing partners to expand Unified Inbox quickly into the region are already taking place.”

Unified Inbox is backed by internationally independent investors with deep insight into the verticals the company is set to operate in. To expand its Communication-as-a-Service platform globally and get ready for the international market launch, Unified Inbox is looking to raise further funds from investors in Singapore and the surrounding regions.