Have you ever wondered what the top useless websites are?

We know people mainly prefer patronising entertainment sites, but there are a few thousand curious oddballs (like us) looking for useless time-wasting sites, because — why not?

Well, if you are one of us, you’re in luck. Here are the top five “take me to a useless website” websites present on the online sphere.

Go through these websites when you are free and when you feel bored. Visiting these sites can help you get some information you might not have been aware of and give you some interesting topics to know too.

1. The UselessWeb.com

This is one of the most popular websites among all these useless search engines. The Useless web has the same concept as a bored-button website as it makes it easy for users to find dumb websites online.

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By clicking on the big pink coloured button named “Please” on the home page of the website, you will be redirected to one of the many web pages on the web. Try visiting this site during your free time.

2. Pointerpointer.com

The site tries to impress the users by placing images on the site. By moving the mouse pointer over the home page of the website search area you will see various interesting images on the screen.

You can spend your free time on this site watching some funny and interesting pictures that change over time by placing the mouse pointer on the screen.

3. AnotherUseless.Website

Users can find a multitude of stupid web pages on the World Wide Web through this website. Via the “Do it Now” button on the home page, press the ‘Take Me to Another Useless Website’ button and be navigated to another useless website. Below every useless website, users can cast their vote and raise its visibility on the web.

If you go down to the home page of the AnotherUseless.Website, you will see, “View All Websites” button. By clicking that button, users can see the complete list of useless websites. Users can also locate the latest submitted useless website given at the bottom of the page.

4. BoredButton.com

Bored Button is the perfect place for spending your free time or when you are feeling bored. This is one of the best websites among these top five useless sites collection. You can just visit the home page of the website and click on the “Red” button with the caption “Bored?” under it.

You will be randomly taken to a useless website, where you can play games, solve puzzles etc. By pressing the “Red” button again on the top right corner of the page you have landed, you will be navigated to another new useless website. In this way, you can visit a number of useless websites and feel refreshed.

5. YourNameinGum.com

This is a funny website where you can waste your time. You can visit the website and click on the gums, write your name on the gums and enjoy.

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The gums will be of different colours and patterns. You can choose and press any gum you want, wait for few seconds for the gum to appear and write the names. You can also share, print and news those names too and enjoy your free time.

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