Ecommerce companies always look to improve their conversion rate, and hence they deploy the best method to increase their sales. PPC advertising can be a great technique to achieve quick ROI than any other method.

There are several platforms available to implement your PPC campaigns, and if you find the best one then you can achieve some great outcomes for your e-commerce store. These platforms have various tools to create campaigns, modify them, and execute productively.

Here are the top PPC ad marketing platforms that can help your e-commerce store to achieve more sales:

Google shopping ads

It is one of the most and prioritized platforms that allow marketers to advertise their offers directly on search engines. It gives you opportunities to present your shopping ads with more concise details like prices, images, description, etc.

You just need to have a Google Ads account and product integration with OpenCart to utilize this major platform. Since Google network is a huge framework, so it will be a smart move to start your campaigns with it.

By using its tools and features, you can manage bids, control the targeting of audiences, and get the latest feeds about the progress of your campaigns.

Google ads search

Another huge platform from Google is ads search network. It will give you a wider audience reach along with more opportunities for getting clicks. This platform will allow you to create campaigns according to your keyword bids and attract maximum audiences.

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However, it stays in the second position just because it is a bit costly than Shopping Ads network. But here, you will have more audience through which you can gain traffic as well as sales opportunities.

To create campaigns on these networks, you must have a good landing page to target. With better CTA options and information-oriented ad copies, you can drive your target audiences on your site. This platform will offer all the tools to improvise ads, manage bids, and enhance your overall quality score.

Social media ads

Social media platforms have already gained immense popularity among billions of users. They provide a unique brand identity to the individuals as well as businesses. From the past few years, there is a steep growth in the ventures that utilize their advertising features for gaining huge market presence.

There are various types of ad campaigns that can be set on these platforms, such as lead generation, user engagement, and promotion. You can build your own according to your business objectives.

Lead generation campaigns can be very effective with Facebook and Instagram. These two platforms have been gaining more audience for many years. Moreover, brand engagement campaigns can help you to drive huge traffic to your business.

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Adroll for retargeting

It is a big competitor of Google Ads, as it offers several ways to build and implement your PPC campaigns. You can set a retargeting campaign that can help you grab the interest of online shoppers more effectively.

Using this platform, you can show your ads to the audiences on other websites, and social media channels as well. Using the dynamic features, you can even show the most relevant product ads to the shoppers which they saw on your website.

This platform works on display ads rather than text ads, and that’s why it can offer some great opportunities to attract sales as well as engagement.

The competition between e-commerce businesses is already on the rise. Hence, you will need to implement the best solutions for gaining better results. So, utilize this guide to get help from the best framework.

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