Today in Jakarta, the Vanderes Foundation (Vanderes) announced a partnership with DANAdidik, Indonesia’s crowdfunding platform for student loans in Indonesia with focus on vocational studies.

This move would strengthen the Dutch certified Public Benefit Organisation’s (or ANBI in the Netherlands) commitment to improve access to quality education around the globe.

In Indonesia, Participation Rate (PR) of higher education is still at 20 per cent, which makes it way below its neighboring countries, Malaysia and Singapore. With Vanderes financing DANAdidik, the company can continue its mission to serve students from low-income families, orphans, students raised by a single parent, or women in need.

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Founded in 2017 by Izak van der Sluijs, Vanderes has supported three student loan providers in Southeast Asia. With their niched, charity-ridden mission, they continue the fight for better access to education to escape poverty.

Claiming to be the first student loan provider in Indonesia, DANAdidik uses income-sharing repayments after marginalised college students graduate and gain employment. This unique approach allows lending to unbanked students.

Back in March this year, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo pushed local commercial banks to provide student loans. It seems like the ones that responded are fintech startups, which marked Vanderes and DANAdidik’s partnership as an important milestone.

Photo by Ghiffar Ridhwan on Unsplash