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Veeroll, a Singapore-based startup, is releasing a new platform at VidCon, the world’s largest conference for YouTubers held in California on June 26–28, 2014. The new site allows businesses to create high converting YouTube video ads.

“When advertising on YouTube, advertisers usually face two hurdles: quickly finding the right audience and then quickly creating a compelling video ad to reach that audience. Veeroll solves both these problems,” said Gideon Shalwick, Co-founder of Veeroll.

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Veeroll platform includes a targeting tool to quickly select the perfect audience for the ads and creation of multiple video ads from tested and high converting templates. The combination of these two leads to high conversion rates for ads created using the Veeroll platform. The company claims that click-through-rates (as measured over number of views) of 40 per cent and above are common when using Veeroll. The easy creation of video ads allows for testing of different ads before running a large-scale campaign. Also high conversion rates reduces the cost per click for each campaign.

Today, online video advertising is experiencing a tremendous growth and YouTube is the leading platform where such ads are displayed. With YouTube TrueView In-stream ads, advertisers pay only when ads are seen for more than 30 seconds or clicked. Such ads therefore represent a good opportunity for advertisers to reach their right audience at a minimal cost, if implemented the right way.