Viber claims to hit 100M concurrent online users

Viber announced today that it has reached 100 million concurrent online users; it also announced a new version for its desktop app



Mobile communications app, Viber, has hit 100 concurrent online users, according to an official release. Viber also released its new desktop version, with a refreshed UI and easier accessibility to share stickers.

“As usage increases, our priority remains the same – introducing features, adding more platforms, and improving Viber with every new version. This is exactly what we’ve done with the new Viber Desktop, and we’re really excited for our users to try it out,” said Talmon Marco, CEO, Viber.

The release said that the new version, makes its easier for users to select, and add stickers to their conversations with a prominently displayed sticker menu that can be docked to the side of the app. Viber Desktop has also been upgraded for better video quality and performance.

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Viber also announced that Viber’s support site was now available in two more languages – Portuguese and Spanish. These languages join English and Japanese.

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