The Oscars are upon us once again, and this time of the year, I usually get movie fever, wanting to see the latest in Hollywood films. But while the Oscars are a mostly western affair, the film bug would usually bite anyone around the world, prompting us to also look closer to home. After all, Asia does have a thriving film industry, with films produced by both the big studios and independent film outfits.

It’s not always easy for indie producers to break out into a mass audience, though. For this purpose, a new platform called Viddsee aims to showcase the work of Southeast Asian indie short film producers. The service was created by Singapore’s Ho Jian and Derek Tan, who is a business development exec at Cooliris.

Read more about Cooliris here.

Ho says that the platform intends to highlight indie producers, who tend to get crowded out by the millions of submissions on popular video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. “Good short films get drowned among Gangnam Style parodies on YouTube, and discovery of Asian films is hard on Vimeo,” he said in an interview with The Next Web‘s Jon Russell.

Viddsee screenshot

Users can login via their Facebook accounts, and can share content through their social networks. The interface is simple at this point, with the main purpose being to showcase videos. Viddsee received a grant from the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), which Ho says is good enough to kickstart the project. No further financing is planned as of this time, and the team wants to spend the next six months focusing on the user experience and understanding what the users want in such a service.

Viddsee is looking to partner with indie film producers in the region, particularly from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Check them out at

Featured Image Credits: Where the Heart is by Rattha Burnadilok