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Khailee Ng — How to invest wisely in Asia

500 Startups Partner Khailee Ng explains the critical importance of having accelerators and angel investors to build upon a developing ecosystem. But he warns against the temptation of large equity stakes as it depresses the likelihood of later fundraising rounds.

David Moskowitz — Why be optimistic about Bitcoin

The Founder of Coin Republic says Bitcoin is a ‘blue ocean’ business because the ecosystem is being built today. Without centuries of infrastructure, Moskowitz says, the barrier to entry is much lower than traditional financial institutions.

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Cheryl Goh — How to build a brand and scale a company

As Group Vice President of Marketing for GrabTaxi, Cheryl Goh knows how to build a brand. She explains that talent may be a startup’s most valuable asset and why it is important to raise money — even if it doesn’t seem necessary.

Amarit Charoenphan — The importance of co-working spaces

The Co-CEO and Co-founder of HUBBA is naturally a believer in shared working spaces. Charoenphan calls co-working a ‘backbone of entrepreneurship’ and says the support network is invaluable.

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Markus Gnirck — Why Singapore is a fantastic city for fintech

As the Co-founder of Startupbootcamp FinTech, Gnirck tabbed Singapore as his location of choice. He explains that Singapore’s status as a financial hub, as well as a vibrant community, makes it an attractive location for fintech startups.

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