Kickstarter Co-founder Charles Adler entertained an audience at NUS Enterprise’s Block 71 office in Singapore today during an event called Kopi Chat. He kicked off the speech by telling the founding story of Kickstarter.

“We would get out to the whiteboard and hammer out sessions. We didn’t have a process, we just reacted to one another,” said Adler about the early days with Perry Chen.

He explained that there is no such thing as competition when a startup has not launched, and Kickstarter deliberately did not scale at a fast pace.

“We were not in a race. Culture ultimately was critically important. If we grew fast and ignored culture, it would have leaked out on the platform as well. The outside looking like the inside,” he said.

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But Adler, and the room, lit-up when an audience member asked him about Kickstarter’s recent reincorporation as a Public Benefit Corporation in Delaware. A Public Benefit Corporation, or B-corporation, is defined as “a for-profit corporation organised under and subject to the requirements of this chapter that is intended to produce a public benefit or public benefits and to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner“.

“Ultimately what we were building is more than the money we are making. It is having a social impact and holding our feet to the fire over the long haul about those mission-driven desires,” said Adler.

e27 caught up with Adler for a conversation about Kickstarter. The video is above.