Abivin receiving the Startup World Cup title

Abivin, a Vietnamese startup that has built an AI-powered logistics optimisation platform to help companies save on logistics costs, automate process, and enable supply chain visibility, has emerged the winner of the Startup World Cup 2019, which was held at the San Francisco Masonic Center on Friday.

The startup has also won US$1 million in prize money.

“We congratulate the team behind Abivin for their tremendous success at the Startup World Cup 2019 event. The results this year proved one more time that innovation has no boundary. A successful startup can come from anywhere in the world and still compete in the world level. This sets the right example for all startups from every corner of the world and encourages them to take the highest challenges,” said Anis Uzzaman, Founder and Chairman of Startup World Cup.

Canada-based Klue, a platform that aggregates competitive intelligence info from disparate sources and consolidates it into an easy to use dashboard, won the second prize.

Sonavi Labs, which develops digital stethoscopes that incorporate their patented core AI technology, came third.

Other finalists of the World Cup are Tag Sensors (Norway), Aeracess (Mauritius), Jeplan (Japan), Startsat60 (Australia), Finnos (Finland), Noul (South Korea), Mira (Silicon Valley), Biosolvit (Brazil), and Mimbly (Sweden).

“We are very happy that we could welcome top global startup teams from 35 countries and regions to compete at the Startup World Cup event this year. At the Grand Finale competition, we could see startup representations from all 6 continents. It was also a privilege to see so many female founders to compete at the Grand Finale event. It is great that Startup World Cup is able to play a major role in bringing the global startups all together under the same platform and be able to help them spread their wings globally,” Uzzaman added.

Organised by Pegasus Tech Ventures, the Startup World Cup is a world-wide competition with 35 global regional pitch events. The competition draws thousands of startups all around the world and runs regional competitions on six continents. The regional events are held in places like Nigeria and Vietnam, as well as Silicon Valley and Boston.

In 2018, Startup World Cup launched a US$50 million fund to invest in the most promising winners of the regional and global competition. The fund invests at least US$1 million in the Grand Finale winner and makes additional investments in the best companies of the competition.