Vietnam-based accelerator programme VIISA announced the four startups that have made it to the fifth batch of its programme.

The programme selected the startups out of 80 applicants over a three-month due diligence and interview process.

VIISA provided participating startups with investment in cash and undisclosed amount of services such as coworking space, tools, mentoring and training, as well as access to potential investors and corporate partners.

The programme also stated that graduating startups will receive a follow-on funding of up to US$200,000 when they secure a new funding round from other investors.

“Batch 5 is all about the refined acceleration process whereas we have thoroughly fine-tuned the curriculum further to fit with Vietnam market. The new process has also enabled us to be even more flexible to work with series A to B companies but still value our contribution in helping their businesses,” said VIISA CFO Hieu Vo in a press statement.

The startups are expected to graduate in July.

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The following is a list of the startups:

1. SaveMoney
SaveMoney described itself as a “full insurance service provider who combines an innovative insurance platform technology with high-quality brokerage advisory.” Its solution utilises Big Data in an integrated B2C advisory process; it claimed to be able to deisgn, implement, and roll out existing and new insurance services within three months.

2. Loglaa
Loglaa is a truck and container booking platform that utilises Big Data and AI technologies. By leveraging mobile connectivity, Loglaa connects drivers and fleet owners to cargos and customers in order to make the logistics and transportation industry in Vietnam more accessible.

VDES is a one-stop marketplace that connects event venues and event suppliers to customers by using Big Data, Machine Learning, and Virtual Reality. The platform claimed to help customers save 80 per cent time and 30 per cent cost in booking processes; it also helped vendors increase competitive advantage, reduce cost, and manage business more effectively.

4. TheBank
TheBank is a financial products comparison platform. Providing free financial advice to consumers, the platform connects customers with experts, consultants of banks and insurance companies across the country.

VIISA has also opened registration for the sixth batch of their programme, scheduled to begin in Q3 2019.

Image Credit: VIISA