ViSenze Pte Ltd today announced its partnership with Taiwan Rakuten Ichiba, Inc. and Clozette. Taiwan Rakuten Ichiba is a subsidiary of Rakuten Group and the partnership will see ViSenze launch a state-of-the-art visual fashion search and recognition service on the company’s social and shopping site in Taiwan. ViSenze is a spin-off company from the National University of Singapore (NUS) that has developed intelligent visual tools that provide visual search, match and recommendation functions on web and mobile platforms.

Visitors to OSHa’Re and Rakuten’s Taiwanese site will be able to experience ViSenze’s technology powering the Fashion Finder application. The application allows users to search and buy similar fashion items that they see on the sites, from user-generated photos and from user-uploaded images. OSHa’Re is formed from the tripartite partnership between Rakuten, Clozette and ViSenze and it aims to reach out to at least a million online fashion enthusiasts in Taiwan to be the top fashion trend site in the country within a year.

ViSenze, Rakuten and Clozette partnership

From left. Roger Yuen, CEO of Clozette, Oliver Tan CEO of ViSenze, Mr Yuichi Erji CEO of Rakuten Taiwan, Mr Toru Shimada CEO Rakuten Asia, Li Guangda CTO Visenze.

In the press release, Mr. Yuichi Ejiri, Executive Officer of Rakuten and CEO of Taiwan Rakuten Ichiba Inc. said, “At Rakuten, shopping is entertainment! We are all about offering personalised, online fashion discovery experiences to our customers so Oshare and the new visual-powered form of e-commerce with Rakuten Fashion Finder will do just that. With just a click, our shoppers can now search what they want to buy with images instead of words. They can also find out where to buy what their favourite celebrities are wearing or carrying. ViSenze truly makes shopping entertaining!”

ViSenze’s cloud based technology is also being deployed on Clozette, a Singapore-based fashion social shopping network that raised its US$1.9 million Series A funding in 2012, to help with its “find and buy similar” recommendations for fashion items.

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ViSenze visual search

ViSenze CEO Oliver Tan commented in the press release that the company has also started developing new application solutions for other verticals such as automotive and consumer electronics on top of developing a “contextual visual search driven recommendation engine and expanding our visual based analytics capability.”