It feels like a forever when you look forward to something. But in our case, the time has flown by real quick. It seems like yesterday when we were calling for startup submissions, and now it’s less than a day to Echelon 2014!

Echelon’s endeavour has always been to become an ideal platform for showcasing emerging tech trends, for startups to put forth their ingenious ideas, and for investors to provide budding entrepreneurs the resources they lack to give their innovation a perfect form.

As a delegate for Echelon 2014, you can look forward to amazing keynotes and panel sessions, and innovative startups pitching and exhibiting. You can get access to an exclusive Investor Kit if you’re looking to fund a startup or two. In addition, keeping with the theme of being on the pulse of Asia’s innovation, we will also be introducing two new initiatives: Echelon CONNECT, a business matchmaking app, and SpacePak, an online goodie bag.

Keynotes and panel sessions on the latest tech trends
While keynote speeches and panel sessions are staples of Echelon, the topics change every year due to the tech and startup industry’s rapid pace of change. This year, we’re proud to present a host of speakers covering topics from e-commerce to the globalisation of entrepreneurship, as well as panel sessions about Bitcoin and the challenges of mobile technology.

62 innovative startups from all over Asia
For 2014, we at e27 have brought you 62 startups from all over Asia down to the Max Atria room at the Singapore Expo. Find out what they do by visiting their booths at the Startup Marketplace, or see them pitch onstage! If you want a teaser of what they do, check out the following articles!

Comprehensive Investor Pack
Other than entrepreneurs, investors are also an integral part of the startup community. As an investor, you will have access to the Investor Pack, which comprises both the Investor Kit, an information booklet of painstakingly collected information about exhibiting startups that are looking for funding, as well as Echelon CONNECT, which will be explained below.

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Meet potential business partners with Echelon CONNECT
New for 2014, Echelon CONNECT is a business matchmaking and networking app that lets delegates filter business prospects based on common interests, as well as discuss and schedule Echelon meetups up to one week before the event. With Echelon CONNECT, you don’t need to spend time during Echelon itself seeking out like-minded businesspeople, and can instead focus your attention on our awesome exhibits and workshops.

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Get your tech goodies with SpacePak
Another new initiative, SpacePak is our digital goodie bag for Echelon 2014. SpacePak will feature discounts and free trials of products from both exhibiting startups as well as sponsors of Echelon 2014. In addition, with the aim of environmental friendliness, we will be distributing the SpacePak to delegates via e-mail. Check your email for SpacePak announcements!

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Echelon 2014 is a two-day Startup, Technology and Business event where Asia’s most innovative startups, early-stage investors and tech industry leaders as well as tech media, gather to celebrate and build Asia’s growing tech industry, as well as make valuable relationships.