Information is power, and even more so with Big Data analytics. It’s a huge industry of the future, and Forbes has estimated that it will be worth about US$50 billion by 2017. Large multi-nationals such as General Electric and IBM have entered this market to great effect. Now, lean startups like Jigsaw Academy want a piece of the action too.

India-based Jigsaw Academy is an online school that teaches Big Data courses. It will be soon expanding to Singapore as it is one of the few markets to have realised the potential of analytics, resulting in a lot of emphasis on building Big Data skills within the country.

Jigsaw Academy targets students that intend to become professionals in the sector. With courses recognised by the industry, students can look forward to employment with blue chip companies such as HP, Dell and IBM.

The courses that it offers are sorted into Beginners, Advanced, Short Video courses and Analytics Workshops. Beginners courses are to teach students the foundations of analytics with topics like data scientist certification, HR analytics and Big Data analytics. Advanced courses are more complicated with topics like financial and retail analytics. Under Analytics Workshops, Jigsaw Academy offers analytics training workshops for corporations — both on-site as well as virtual. It also conducts workshop training for some of leading educational institutes in India. Its analytics training focuses on business applicability and the content is developed by industry practitioners.

The Beginners and Video courses cost US$650, while the fee is US$900 for instructor-led courses.

The online school has trained over 5000 students across 20 plus countries in the last three years. It has also won the Brands Academy Award for ‘Best Upcoming Academy for Analytics Courses in Bangalore’ in 2013.

Founded by Sarita Digumarti and Gaurav Vohra, the company plans to focus on US and UK markets in 2014.