With March almost half over, it’s time to take stock of your career goals for 2014 and beyond. Some of you may want to advance to another level of your career, taking on more leadership and managerial responsibilities as opposed to a more operation- or administrative-centric role, for instance.

Here at e27, we have brought you three managerial jobs from our database of 312 jobs from 160 companies, so as to provide opportunities for those who may be looking to progress in their careers. If you think you’re up for the challenges a leadership role brings with it, feel free to apply!

Business Development Manager at Foodpanda Singapore
Foodpanda, together with its affiliated brand Hellofood, is among the largest online food ordering services, with operations in over 38 countries. In addition to providing convenience and choice for consumers, it also lets restaurants increase sales through the provision of technology and analytics, through an online and mobile platform.

Now, Foodpanda is looking for a Business Development Manager to handle the setting up of operations, establish processes, and run the day-to-day management in one of its business fields. If you have a proven track record of personal, academic and professional achievements, including a degree, and have already demonstrated leadership skills in previous assignments, apply for a chance to be part of the entrepreneurial process!

Developer Community Marketing Manager at Samsung Asia
For most people, whether tech-savvy or not, Samsung needs no introduction, being the maker of such diverse tech products, which range from the popular Galaxy phones to components like NAND flash memory modules. Now, Samsung is aiming to target the developer community, giving them access to and encouraging them to develop for Samsung’s multifarious device lines.

To do this, Samsung needs a Marketing Manager to help promote key Samsung content and services through online assets, talks and events to leading content and app developers. If you’re passionate about mobile technology and have experience publishing your own tech blog and gathering loyal followers, why not join one of the biggest tech companies in its effort to bring independent developers onboard?

Product Manager at  ViSenze
ViSenze is a visual search and recognition platform, relying on a  highly distributed, multi-component AWS architecture to achieve scalability, latency reduction, and performance robustness in a way that enables them to serve hundreds of millions of queries each day. Among their applications are visual search engines used in e-commerce firms such as Rakuten and Clozette.

ViSenze is now looking for a Product Manager to assist in planning the product feature roadmap, as well as work with customers and internal partners to understand market conditions, strategic threats and opportunities. If you possess strong technical, analytical and problem-solving abilities, and have experience building large-scale enterprise software, perhaps you could consider helping to drive visual recognition technology forward!

Lead and Feature Image Credit: Coramax / Shutterstock