Mobile technology has continued the pace of transformation of many sectors of the economy set in motion by the web, and education is no exception. Internet course providers such as Udemy and Coursera have expanded their offering to include mobile devices, which enable students to learn anywhere, at their convenience.

Now, Coursepad aims to take mobile learning to a new level. Founded in May 2013 by a group of NTU alumni, it has sought to bring social elements to learning and assessment, making online and distance learning very much like attending a real-life classroom.

“We aim to empower every person with social learning tools that propel them to achieve their highest potential. Our mobile applications make learning more impactful, fun and engaging,” said Kevin Chan, Co-founder and CEO, Coursepad.

How does it work?
When a student signs up for a course, he or she will be given an overview consisting of the various lesson chapters. Each chapter may contain an assessment, which students must complete in order to get access to the next one. The assessments that course providers can set are varied, including photo and video submissions.

Coursepad also incorporates a virtual classroom whereby students taking the same course can discuss findings and complete group assignments. The course provider can also use the platform to monitor students, taking note of which ones are behind on their readings and perhaps send reminders to them to catch up.

Currently, Coursepad is a B2B solution that is offered to corporations and training firms, where it can be customised to suit the course provider’s needs. One of Coursepad’s customers is Robin Sharma, author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and founder of business training firm Sharma Leadership International Inc.

“Robin was building an online version of his course, and we got in touch with him to offer our expertise,” Chan said, adding, “With the Coursepad platform, we built his ’30 Day Life Upgrade’ course, and response has been good since.”

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According to Chan, a web version of Coursepad will be launched in March, and the team is working on a platform to allow trainers and course providers to upload their courses directly, instead of working separately with course providers and spending duplicated time and effort to customise Coursepad for each.

“We are going for ecosystem play, to aggregate content and course providers. Ultimately, Coursepad is a simple solution to help learning providers drive change,” concluded Chan.

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