Children of today have it so good, now that they’re allowed to start using smartphones and social network programmes at a very young age. Obviously not between the age of two to six, which is why toy-making company Roam & Wander hit the market with the idea of marrying touch-screen technology with traditional kid toys.

Following up from its last invention, the iPhone/iPod-powered TuTu bunny stuffed toy, the company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a teddy bear called DiDi. The stuffed toy is as large as an average infant and has two screens on its face and belly that turns on when you have an iPad plugged in while using the company’s apps. The face screen shows the toy bear’s digital emotions, while the belly screen is where kids can start tapping and interacting on for play.

Every DiDi toy will come with a Roam & Wander reading app with three books and three educational games, as well as a number of Magic Touch toys kids can use to interact with DiDi. These programmes will teach kids the concept of spelling, counting, and recognising shapes and colours. Even with its iPad functionality shut off, the bear can still be cuddled with.

According to the Kickstarter page, the DiDi toy and the Magic Touch toys are almost done; most of the work right now is focused on perfecting the app that will make DiDi come to life. Right now, the campaign is at US$1,181 towards its goal of US$25,000, with 29 days left. Backers who pledge any amount of money to the project will get a backstage pass to Roam & Wander’s studio, while those who pledge US$25 or more will get the TuTu doll as a bonus.

Interested readers and parents can check out more about the toy here. DiDi is due to ship for kids everywhere this August.